Seniors, please remember to fill out your FAFSA.

It is important to get it filled out before the end of the year.  


Colleges want to see that students have filled out their FAFSA and many scholarships REQUIRE students to have filed their FAFSA.

College Goal FAF$A


• 92% of Low Income students will receive grants

• 85% of students will receive some type of financial aid

• Approximately 2 million college students eligible for financial aid – specifically a Pell Grant – never apply.

• $150 billion is given to college students annually via the FAFSA.

• Each year, more than $24 billion of financial aid goes unclaimed. To get this money for college, all students need to do is fill out one form: the FAFSA.

• AZ Colleges and Universities gave $622.3 million dollars in grants and scholarships.

If you have any questions, or would like a helpful “instruction sheet” emailed to you, please contact the College and Career Coordinator, Lisa Weber, at 584-7742 or

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