From left to right: Terry Espinoza, Darren Lyons, Sarah Clarkson, Robert Martinez, Araceli Gonzales, John Martinez, Deborah Rios, Carmen Cisneros, Joan Gilbert, John Tadlock, Jennifer Sprung, Meg Gebert


Team Science

Thank you to Team Science for providing a wealth of resources for science learning! Coordinator Joan Gilbert has this to say about their contributions:

"The David T. Smith Regional Science Resource Center is focused on providing curriculum resources and materials that support learning the wonders of science. It's an amazing place where hands-on materials are designed, devised, developed, and delivered to every TUSD classroom in grades K-8. Did you know that we have more than 4000 boxes of science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) materials that are prepared and rotated three times every year to all of TUSD's K-8 classrooms? And more than 1500 inventory items are prepared and placed in those boxes to fully engage students in exploring science and STEM! We are passionate about science learning for all students and supporting teachers in providing the very best science education possible!"

We asked each of the members of this team to share what they love about their jobs:

Terry Espinoza: I like keeping the school clean for the kids because they are our future.

Darren Lyons: Meeting different people and different schools.

Sarah Clarkson: Science education positively impacts our diverse students, giving them opportunities to understand our world. I appreciate collaborating with our dedicated science team that anchors our work in community and student service.

Robert Martinez: The thing I love about this job is getting the students hands on science. The team I work with is Awesome!

Araceli Gonzales: I love to be part of the team that provides Hands-On science to students across the Tucson region.

John Martinez: Offering science to kids is my motivation.

Deborah Rios: The fact that we help kids get science kits to learn about science and as a team we all get it done.

Carmen Cisneros: Transporting kids from home to school.

Joan Gilbert: There's almost nothing better than seeing the light bulb go on when learning – and science helps all children learn about the world and their place in it. Our children are our future and TUSD and the Science Center are all about supporting that!

John Tadlock: Everyone gets along and works well.

Jennifer Sprung: The ability to affect student learning and achievement in a positive way and make a difference in their future opportunities.

Meg Gebert: I love working every day with people who care about kids and science!