Photo of TeamTUSD at School Community Services

From left: from left: Maria Warwick, Patty O'Hagin-Felix, Belen Gamez, Elaine Vickerman, Maritza Mercado, Erin Van Riper, director Charlotte Patterson and Angie Mendoza


School Community Services

The School Community Services staff handles magnet/open enrollment and loves welcoming families from all over Tucson and the surrounding area into the Tucson Unified community.

They say their team is made up of the most caring and the most awesome folks in town, and anyone who works them would have to agree!

These folks work directly with families to help them find the right schools for their children. The staff literally works night and day during heavy enrollment periods, and they are incredibly cool under pressure.

What's #TeamTUSD?

It's all part of an initiative to highlight all of the great people who come together in our district, and we would love to have your team participate as well. Drop us an email at to get the ball rolling on your team or nominate a team you see doing great things.