From left: Sandra Mayer, Christina Castro, Rose Mary Moreno, Lauren Gatlin (parent volunteer) and Roni Byrne


Robins K-8 Monitors

This week we are featuring a great team from Robins K-8 School. Here's what Principal Chandra Thomas said about them: "The four ladies in the hats (Sandra, Christina, Rose Mary and Roni) are my outstanding monitor and security team. They are also known as Runners 4,5,6 and 7. These Roadrunner school monitors are tried and true! They consistently provide the school with a safe, positive and friendly environment. They lend a helping hand when and wherever they are needed with no questions asked. Without this group of awesome ladies who are also parents at the school, we would be at a loss. They take their responsibilities seriously. It's not a job to do, but a commitment to the community to provide the best environment possible for all. We are also fortunate to have an awesome PTO group of parents (including Lauren Gatlin in the photo above), who assist us on a daily basis with our front parking lot traffic and other school needs. Thank you to these wonderful women who are leaders in our Roadrunner community!"

Rose Mary Moreno: My favorite part of the day is the interaction with the kids and getting to know them.

Sandra Mayer: What I really enjoy about my job is knowing that I make a difference in kids life. Safety is my priority.

Christina Castro: I enjoy watching the kids and keeping them safe.

Lauren Gatlin: I love making the children smile and keeping our school safe. I enjoy all of the staff.

Roni Byrne: I like making the kids feel safe, coming to school early when it's quiet then an hour later it's the busiest place on earth!

What's #TeamTUSD?

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