From left to right: Jes Ruvalcaba, Cathy Thwing, Donna Goble, Susan Pequet, Vivian Colter, Stefanie Boe, Miguel Carrion, Vanessa Hernandez, Brent Pantaleo, Mary Canty, Michelle Valenzuela, Gary Hawkins, Sally Jacunski


Team Communications

Meet the Tucson Unified Communications staff! And look here each month to see other teams in TUSD. We'll be featuring sports teams, teaching teams, PTOs and PTAs, academic teams--any group that works together for the district and helps make it a place where students love to learn, teachers love to teach and people love to work.

It's all part of an initiative called #TeamTUSD to highlight all of the great people who come together in our district, and we would love to have your team participate as well. Drop us an email at to get the ball rolling on your team or nominate a team you see doing great things.

In the meantime, who are these Communications folks? From left, Jes Ruvalcaba, multimedia producer; Cathy Thwing, web editor; Donna Goble, web developer, Vivian Colter, receptionist/social media specialist; Miguel Carrion, multimedia tech; Brent Panteleo, multimedia producer; Susan Pequet, senior graphic designer, Stefanie Boe, director of the department; Vanessa Hernandez, administrative assistant; Mary Canty, video producer, Michelle Valenzuela, communications coordinator; Gary Hawkins, print shop manager and Sally Jacunski, senior graphic designer.

We asked each of the members of the Communications team to share what they love about their jobs:

Stefanie Boe: I love when I get to visit our campuses and see the students and teachers in action. Hearing the kids tell their stories and their hopes and dreams for the future is the best part of my job. As a team, we're here to show the community the great things happening on our campuses every day. We can't tell the stories if we don't know about them so we're always asking for ideas! Send us yours!

Michelle Valenzuela: One of the things I love about my job is keeping everyone in the loop about issues and happenings around the district. I think people are surprised to see how much great stuff is happening here, and I'm proud to be part of the team that spreads the good news.

Vanessa Hernandez: I love the ability to enjoy the district from both an employee and a parent perspective.

Vivian Colter: I love being able to share the wonderful things happening in our district with such a big audience.

Miguel Carrion: I love to help our TUSD community, to support learning and teaching, and to help our students enjoy education.

Cathy Thwing: I love being a part of the team that keeps parents, students, staff, and community members informed about the great things happening in our district!

Jes Ruvalcaba: I see, capture and share the stories of our students, their families and our TUSD family. We all need to be champions for our community and education. TUSD's story is much bigger than any one person knows.

Susan Pequet: I love graphic design and illustration, and I'm grateful to be able to use my talent to help express our district's vision everyday.

Donna Goble: I enjoy keeping web pages up-to-date because it helps keep the TUSD community informed.

Gary Hawkins: I love working to produce the testing materials, envelopes, forms, posters and teachers' copies/prints for TUSD while saving the district money by keeping this work and money in Tucson Unified School District!

Brent Pantaleo: I love the ability to document the joy students show when they discover something new.

Mary Canty: I often think I have the very best job in town! Producing stories with our students, families and schools, and delivering them to the community strengthens the ties between Tucson and TUSD.

Sally Jacunski: I do something wonderfully different every day with wonderful people.