Front row, from left: Poppy Chamberlain, Sebastion Barraza-Sandoval, Isabela Rocha, Julissa Lopez, Mo Montoya and Myla Truitt.
Back row, from left: Antoine Green, Mrs. Peralta, Gabriela Sanchez, Jacob Lopez, Mr. Soza-Villanueva and Mason Weisbrod


Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) at Carrillo

The Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) at Carrillo Magnet School is made up of fourth and fifth graders. Their job is to promote health and fitness throughout the school year. Students go into classrooms and speak about the importance of being healthy and fit, and SWAT members help run fitness days. On these days, the entire school comes out to the playground area to participate in fitness events such as zumba, hip-hop dance, jump-roping, running and other fun events. In order to participate, SWAT members must be in good standing in and out of their homeroom class.

We asked each of the members to share what they love about their team:

Poppy Chamberlain: "I love encouraging the students to be fit."

Sebastion Barraza-Sandoval: "Helping students at the fitness stations"

Isabela Rocha: "I like to teach kids lessons on being fit."

Julissa Lopez: "I love to do fitness because I like to help kids get fit."

Mo Montoya: "I like that we get to play and teach different sports with the younger students."

Myla Truitt: "I like getting kids active."

Antoine Green: "I love motivating people to eat healthy and exercise."

Gabriela Sanchez: "Being on the SWAT team has inspired me to become more of a leader."

Jacob Lopez: "I love how we all commit to be fit."

Mason Weisbrod: "I like watching the younger students have fun while we work out."

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