Introducing our district Legacies

"Legacies" features district employees (or board members) who went to school at Tucson Unified.

Governing Board president Adelita Grijalva went to Hollinger and Roberts elementary schools, Wakefield Middle School, and graduated from Pueblo High School. She says, "I have such a sense of pride in Pueblo, getting my Ph.D. as a Warrior."

Grijalva's children attend Carrillo, where she volunteers.

Grijalva was inspired to run for Governing Board while still in high school after she saw a doodle that her father, Congressman Raul Grijalva and former member of the TUSD School Board, drew that said "Adelita Grijalva for TUSD." That doodle became her high school graduation card.

Grijalva has worked with the Pima County Teen Court, where she currently serves as director, for over twenty years. "I knew I wanted to work with young people... who had a misstep or two and help them get on the right track."

Of her service on the Tucson Unified Governing Board, she says, "Trying to acknowledge the value of teachers and principals and the role that they have with our kids, that makes me teary."

If you know anyone with current connections to the Tucson Unified schools they attended, have them contact us at to join the project.


Adelita Grijalva

Governing Board Member

Adelita Grijalva, Governing Board president, attended TUSD schools and graduated from Pueblo High School.