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Facilities Master Plan

What is a Facilities Master Plan?

Tucson Unified School District is developing a Facilities Master Plan to identify facility improvements and funding sources. With over eight million square feet of buildings that average 46 years old, Tucson Unified School District is faced with considerable needs in maintaining our facilities. Add to this cuts in State funding by roughly $98 million over the past ten years, and the District needs address the needs of schools with outdated equipment, leaky roofs, broken heaters, and many more problems. The Facilities Master Plan has been developed to help us address these needs.

In the development of the plan, the district received suggestions and feedback from everyone who would be effected, including teachers, staff and administrators, parents and students. This is an integral part of the district's five-year, 25-point strategic plan, and it will set the stage for success in this district for years to come.

Photo of class with upgraded facilities

What people are saying...

Martha P. L. Whitaker, Tucson Unified parent

"The best part of TUSD schools is the fact that they are public schools. My children have, for the most part, had excellent teachers who sincerely care about all students, and are dedicated professionals."

Andrew Gardner, Tucson Unified parent

"TUSD has a lot of facilities, and a lot of complete facilities with cafeterias and libraries and athletic facilities that most charters do not. They can serve as community centers that support students and families in ways that a store front or office park school can't."

Mark S., Tucson Unified parent

"I have been happy with the three TUSD schools my children have attended ST, Dodge, and UHS; but many TUSD schools are in need of help building better communities and better academic environments for student success."

Photo of class with upgraded facilities

Astrid Cassandra Becerra, Tucson Unified parent

"I am a proud Tucson Unified parent. the district has a long way to go but I have so many things that I appreciate. The teachers who truly love their job, the office staff who are happy to greet you in the mornings, the support staff who are great team players, the principal who is always on top of everything to make sure the school is taken care of. The parent involvement is incredible. Those district officials who are constantly fighting for the best for our students. Some members of the board who never loose focus on what matters and who matters(the students, families and TUSD employees) Last but not least a superintendent who has stood strong in the fight to get TUSD to a better place."