Desegregation & the Unitary Status Plan

Integrated and Racially Concentrated Schools

The Unitary Status Plan provides the following definition for a racially concentrated school:

"1. Racially Concentrated School.  A racially concentrated school is any school in which any racial or ethnic group exceeds 70% of the school's total enrollment, and any other school specifically defined as such by the Special Master in consultation with the Parties." [USP II.B]

Students whose home school is a racially concentrated school may be eligible for Free Transportation if they open enroll to a different school.

An integrated school is defined in the following way by the Unitary Status Plan:

"2. Integrated School. An integrated school is any school in which no racial or ethnic group varies from the district average for that grade level (Elementary School, Middle School, K-8, High School) by more than +/- 15 percentage points, and in which no single racial or ethnic group exceeds 70% of the school's enrollment." [USP II.B]

Magnet programs have been developed to help integrate schools.

Included below is a list of schools that were Racially Concentrated and Integrated on the 40th day for School Year 2015-16. (Schools with an asterisk are Magnet Schools).

2014-2015 Racially Concentrated and Integrated Schools >>

Racially Concentrated Schools

Integrated Schools