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Marixa Zazueta-Switzer

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Marixa Zazueta

Marixa Zazueta-Switzer

Marixa Zazueta-Switzer is an eclectic student who is the president of the Magee Odyssey of the Mind team! Marixa first joined Odyssey of the Mind as a 6th grader at Magee and remembered how difficult it was being the new kid. Now as president, she has travelled and made friends around the world. Marixa is also a fan of anime cartoons and loves Magee Middle School.

We recently kicked off our #Classof2020 project by introducing Marixa Zazueta-Switzer from Magee who will attend Sahuaro next year. Check out what Marixa has to say about Odyssey of the Mind, an activity she is deeply invested in:

Meet Marixa

Marixa and Odyssey of the Mind

Marixa's First Day at Sahuaro

Marixa's First Semester of Freshman Year

Marixa's Second Semester of Freshman Year