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Advanced Learning Experiences
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Advanced Learning Experiences

University High School

Photo of UHS student

"It's a big step--for everyone. Whether you come from a family that can't understand half of the things that you're doing, or whether you come from a family that can, I feel that UHS just keeps it an equal level for everybody." -- Dayana

University High School is the top-ranked college prep high school in Arizona and the eighth-ranked high school in the nation (rated by U.S. News and World Reports). University High offers a culturally diverse curriculum embedded in a real world context.

Students at UHS also compete on athletic teams and participate in award winning performing arts programs. UHS has over 50 academic and social clubs. Students are involved in community and school events as well as academic competitions.

Talk to the counselor at your school to find out how to attend University High School.

Photo of UHS student

"Coming to this high school just opens so many doors for the future." -- Dulce

Photo of UHS student

"When you think about UHS, it's like the diamond in the rough. It's like magic how we're number 4 in the nation." -- Lena