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Advanced Learning Experiences
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Advanced Learning Experiences

Advanced Academic Courses (AAC)

Advanced Academic Courses (AAC) prepare students to take Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, which are a gateway to college readiness and success. These courses provide culturally and personally relevant activities designed to engage students in problem solving, academic discourse, and critical analysis.

Photo of honors student

"It's been challenging, but it's worth it. It expands my thinking and my learning into a whole different level. I'm going to be the second one in my family to go to college." --Victor

Advanced Academic Courses taken in grades 6-10 include the following classes: middle school classes offered for high school credit; and all academic classes currently referred to as "Honors," "Advanced," or "Accelerated." For example, these courses include accelerated math in 7th grade, high school algebra in 8th grade, and honors and/or GATE language arts, science, and social studies courses.

Advanced Academic grades may be weighted so that a student's GPA is not negatively affected by taking a more challenging class!

Talk to the counselor at your school to find out how to become involved in Advanced Academic Courses.