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Technology Services

Areas of Support

Collier students learn with computers every day.

Students at Collier use computers in daily learning.

All of our areas of support contribute to the department's mission of providing the technology infrastructure and support for the District.

Information Technology

Central Operations

Service Desk (Help Desk) provides a single point of contact for technology incident reporting, referral, or resolution. They act as liaison for school sites, verifying and correcting student data.

Customer Support Analyst performs analysis and recommends developing and improving Help Desk systems and reports. Provides quality assurance and follow-up. Coordinates the implementation of approved process changes. Coordinates procuring and implementing technology projects.

Technical Writing develops technical process documentation and support materials for computer applications that help staff use District technology.

Field Operations

Inventories, Installation, and Maintenance maintains a current inventory of all computers, printers, and other TS Technology. Coordinates installation of new technology equipment throughout the District. Manages parts inventory and distribution for technology equipment throughout the District.

Field Support Services provides support for technology initiatives in schools and other District sites. Coordinates and performs the installation of computers, printers, and other peripheral devices at schools and instructional sites. In addition, they assist with the moving and installation of technology equipment throughout the District.

Library and Textbook Services

Library Services provides training classes for Librarians and Library Assistants, answering library related questions.

Textbook Services provides information on board approval process for textbooks, what textbooks have been board approved and available surplus textbooks.


Systems Management builds and manages all site and central District servers and manages the District email system. In addition, they create and manage student and staff user accounts and troubleshoot everything from access to District servers to user workstation issues at the central offices. Remotely manages all computers throughout the District. Installs Windows and software updates along with anti-virus, and anti-malware programs. Monitors the health of District computers. Oversees central computer operations, including server backups, network monitoring, Active Directory, virtual servers, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, web systems analysis, and the District’s disaster recovery plan.

Data Network analyzes the network security system and central network operations, WAN and LAN data systems, and District security needs. Determines needs and evaluates options for optimization and creates new system designs when necessary. Develops plan for upgrades, integration and optimization and implements solutions. Reviews special requests for firewall access.

Voice Network monitors and maintains the District Wide Area Network for voice services as well as all site Voice Cabling Systems and telephony.

Information Systems

Business System

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides support for our enterprise software (Infinite Visions) to meet the District's needs for financial and human resources records and transaction processing. The ERP system supports Finance, Purchasing, HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Employee Self Service.

Student Information System

TUSD has implemented a new student information system - Synergy® - that provides principals, teachers, parents, and students with data at their fingertips. See the FAQ here.

Academic & Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse responsible for creating a data warehouse that can provide visual representations of data via a Data Dashboard to give users the ability to make informed decisions based on current data. The data warehouse is being designed to support user self service so that users can access the information they need on their own without waiting for programmers to develop reports or data sets. The data will be integrated from all the data systems across the District. This will allow users to see a complete picture of a situation for more accurate analysis. For example, a user could analyze the success of an instructional program using data across the schools involved that integrates student grades and assessments with cost, employee training, and the technology resources involved.

Communications & Media Relations

Web & Digital Media

Web & Digital Media provides media support for the Tucson Unified School District, including district web presence (TUSD web site and intranet); multimedia and audio-visual support for district and school meetings, presentations, and performances; photography; social networking (Facebook, RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube); and TUSD TV.

Print Shop

Print Shop supports and assists TUSD Teachers, Administrators and Staff members in the printing of quality educational materials used for the instruction of TUSD students. Print services include brochures, flyers, postcards, buttons, newsletters, booklets, envelopes, magnets, banners, posters, carbonless forms, and more.

Instructional Technology

Teacher & Classroom Support

Instructional Technology provides support and training for software systems, applications, and hardware technology for the classroom that has educational or assessment purposes. Systems supported include the ParentLink parent and staff messaging system and the SuccessMaker digital learning system.