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Interscholastic Participation
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High School

Participation Fee Schedule
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Adopted by TUSD Governing Board July 1, 2012

SWIMMING, DIV. 1, BOYS Erik Orr, Rincon 100 Free, State Runner-up
SWIMMING, DIV. 2, BOYS Brett Zang, Cholla 200 Free, 500 Free -
State Runner-up
SWIMMING, DIV. 2, BOYS Brandon Christensen, Cholla

200 IM - State Champion
100 Back - State Runner-up

SWIMMING, DIV. 2, GIRLS Taylor Nations, Sabino 100 Butterfly, 100 Back - State Champion
SWIMMING, DIV. 2, GIRLS State Runner-up Taylor Nations, Beatrice Oliver, Kaylin Farnum, Brittany Roesly
SWIMMING, DIV. 2, GIRLS State Runner-up Brittany Roesly, Mikaela Spry, Kaylin Farnum, Taylor Nations
GOLF, DIV. 2, GIRLS State Champion

Team - Sahuaro

GOLF, DIV. 2, GIRLS State Champion Individual - Kathryn Ottman
WRESTLING, DIV. 1 State Champion Marco Rivera, Tucson, Wt. 106
WRESTLING, DIV. 2 State Runner-up Constantino Murillo, Sahuaro, Wt. 132
SOCCER, DIV. 4, BOYS State Champion Pueblo
SOCCER, DIV. 3, GIRLS State Runner-up Palo Verde
BASEBALL, DIV 2 State Runner-up Tucson
SOFTBALL, DIV 4 State Champion Pueblo

High School
All Stars
Cross Country, Girls Hannah Leitner Rincon/UHS 1st Team
  Lauren Phillips Rincon/UHS 1st Team
Cross Country, Boys Thomas Leitner Rincon/UHS 1st Team
Golf, Girls Kathryn Ottman Sahuaro Golfer of the Year, 1st Team
  Alexandra Quihuis Sahuaro 1st Team
  Megan Hughes Sahuaro Coach of the Year
Football DeAndre Williams Tucson 1st Team, RB
  Jackson Jesionowski Sabino 1st Team, DL
  Justin Pledger Pueblo 1st Team, Utility
Swimming, Girls Taylor Nations Sabino Swimmer of the Year, 1st Team-100 Back, 100 Fly, 200m Relay, 400 Relay
Beatrice Oliver Sabino 1st Team-200m Relay
Kaylin Farnum Sabino 1st Team-200m Relay, 400 Relay
Brittany Roesly Sabino 1st Team-200m Relay, 400 Relay
  Makaela Spry Sabino 1st Team-400 Relay
Abigail Hammons Rincon-UHS 1st Team-200 Relay
  Eleora Bailey Rincon-UHS 1st Team-200 Relay, 100 Breast
  Kristen Jorgensen Rincon-UHS 1st Team-200 Relay
  Natalia Orbach-Mandel Rincon-UHS 1st Team-200 Relay
  Melanie Paulsen Sabino Coach of the Year
Swimming, Boys Braden Christensen Cholla 1st Team- 200IM
  Tristan Daniels Rincon/UHS 1st Team-50 Free, 200 Relay
  Erik Orr Rincon/UHS 1st Team-100 Free, 200 Relay
  Ethan Done Rincon/UHS 1st Team-200 Relay
  Andrew Johnson Rincon/UHS 1st Team-200 Relay
Volleyball, Girls Brielle Sterns Tucson 1st Team
  Addison Vavala Sahuaro 1st Team
Basketball, Girls Alexis Cortez Tucson Athlete of the Year, 1st Team, G/F
  Reazsha Benjamin Sahuaro 1st Team, Guard
  Ismael Galindo Pueblo Coach of the Year
Basketball, Boys Parker Trujillo Tucson 1st Team, Guard
  Brendan Rumel Rincon/UHS 1st Team, Center
Soccer, Girls Jackie Igulu Palo Verde Athlete of the Year, 1st Team, Forward
  Sabrina Zepp Tucson 1st Team, Forward
  Emily Gallagher Sahuaro 1st Team, MForward
  Emily Doyle Palo Verde 1st Team, Defence
  Avadney Gerard-Osborne Tucson 1st Team, Defence
  Kylee Martin Sahuaro 1st Team, Defence
Soccer, Boys Julian Gaona Tucson Athlete of the Year, 1st Team, Forward
  Christopher Cooper Rincon/UHS 1st Team, Forward
  Elfren Robles Pueblo 1st Team, Forward
  Anthony Negrete Tucson 1st Team, MForward
  Brian Vu Rincon/UHS 1st Team, MForward
  Jesus Corella Pueblo 1st Team, Defense
  Jacob Zepp Tucson 1st Team, Defense
  Cole Hoffer Rincon 1st Team, GK
  Michael Pallanes Tucson 1st Team, GK
  Francisco Urtuzuastegui Pueblo Coach of the Year
Wrestling Marco Rivera Tucson 1st Team, 106 wt.

Jose Contreras

Tucson 1st Team, Pitcher
  Jacob Federico Tucson 1st Team, Infield
  Ricky Martinez Tucson 1st Team, Outfield
Softball Lexy Coons Sahuaro 1st Team, Pitcher
  Nickole Robles Pueblo 1st Team, Pitcher
  Alizea Corday Pueblo 1st Team, Catcher
  Mia Trejo Tucson 1st Team, Utility
Tennis, Boys Francisco Sotelo Cholla 1st Team, Singles
Tennis, Girls Lindsey Pesqueira Rincon/UHS Player of the Year, 1st Team, Singles
Track, Boys DJ Hinton Tucson 1st Team, 100, 400 Relay
  Tavion Ross Tucson 1st Team, 200, 400, 400 Relay
  DeAndre Williams Tucson 1st Team, 400 Relay
  Tyree Pierson Tucson 1st Team, 400 Relay
Track, Girls Onome Ugbisien Tucson 1st Team, 100
  Neysia Howard Tucson 1st Team, 200
  Hannah Leitner Rincon/UHS 1st Team, 400
  Brielle Sterns Sahuaro 1st Team, 100 H, 300 H, LJ
  Ana Lopez Tucson 1st Team, HJ
Volleyball, Boys Spencer DePaso Sahuaro 1st Team
  Diego Silva-Mendoza Rincon/UHS 1st Team