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Tucson, AZ 85719
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Financial Services


Karla Soto Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Tarin Executive Assistant
Renee Weatherless Senior Director of Financial Services
Arcadia Tapia Administrative Assistant
Christina Cruz Senior Accounting Manager
Jan Burrows Accounting Analyst
Betty Cohen Accounting Analyst
Lisa Lundstrom Accounting Analyst - Federal/State Grants
Barbara Armstrong Accounting Associate
Sabra Castle District Cashier
Cindy Hewitt Accounts Payable Manager
Barbara Ballard Accounting Technician (Vendors: E, I, S, V, W)
Terry Campuzano Accounting Technician (Vendors: C, D, N, Q, T, U, X, Y, Z)
Lourdes Gonzalez Accounting Technician (Vendors: J, L, M, O)
Romie Ortiz Accounting Technician (Vendors: A, F, G, P)
Kari Snyder Accounting Technician (Vendors: B, H, K, R)
Christina Cruz Senior Accounting Manager
Frank Guerena Asset Management Associate, Lead
Mario Espinoza Asset Management Associate
Roanna Oger Asset Management Associate
Nancy Mueller Interim Budget Manager
Trista Eikenberry Attendance Reporting Analyst
Renee Greeno Attendance Reporting Analyst
Kathy Parris Attendance Reporting Analyst
Nancy Mueller Interim Budget Manager
Bob Bates Accounting Analyst
Amy Emmendorfer Accounting Analyst
Benjamin Martinez Accounting Analyst
Suzanne Miller Accounting Analyst
Paula Stilwell Accounting Analyst
Denise Moreno Accounting Analyst
Shirley Sokol Director of Food Services
Vivian Frias Administrative Assistant
Lindsay Aguilar Administrative/Site Operations Coordinator
Patricia Bowers Purchasing Manager
Michelle Welsh Program Coordinator
Patricia Lopez Site Operations Supervisor
Amy Ruhl Site Operations Supervisor
Linda Simmons Site Operations Supervisor
Stephen Protz Site Operations Supervisor
Shyla Larson District Chef
Yuri Aguilar Equipment Tech
Dina Hansford Financial Accountant
Judy Hurley Staff Accountant
Alex Hernandez Accounting Technician
Debra Rickgauer Accounting Technician
Juanedda Walker Procurement Specialist
Darleen Figueroa Purchasing Clerk I
Don Lowery Technology System Integration Specialist
Jim Potter Food Service Technology
Connie Espino Federal Meals Application Technician
Shannon Kee Distribution System Supervisor
Ron Tolf Inventory/Warehouse Manager
Liz Hunter Inventory Technician
Monica Tovar Inventory Technician/Catering Orders
Dale Wuertz Equipment Technician
Camilla Loeher Nutrition Education Center
Tina Stapleton Administrative Assistant
Elsie Watkins Clerk Receptionist
Nikki Stefan Director of School Health Services
Laura Lichtenwalner Coordinator
Kathy Stinely Immunization & Epidemiology Resource Nurse
Nancy Anderson Resource Nurse – K-12 Special Needs/ 504 Plans
Shawn Everingham Dental Hygienist
Sharon Edwards Office Manager
Tina McCarty Administrative Assistant
Tina Stephens Senior Director of Grants & Federal Programs
Eric Lybeck Program Coordinator
Vivian Baca Project Technical Specialist - Grants
Marcea Hunter Program Coordinator - 21st Century
Shannon Moran Budget Control Assistant
Bethene Mahtapene Budget Control Assistant
Chris Lucas Budget Control Assistant
Alexis Kopowski Research Project Manager
Meg Gilbert Project Coordinator
Nicole DaSilva Program Coordinator - School Improvement
Michelle Mendivil Project Technical Specialist
Connie Ross Program Coordinator - Title I/School Improvement
Teresa Guerrero Program Coordinator - Title I
Nina Rojas Program Coordinator - Title I
Karen Schneider Program Coordinator - School Improvement
Lynn Strizich Program Coordinator - Private Schools
Nellie Lopez Administrative Assistant
Tanya Speagle Administrative Assistant
Gideon Hart Senior Payroll Processor
Cheryl Lennon Senior Payroll Processor
Kristina (Teena) Capullo Payroll Associate
Jennifer Navarrete Payroll Associate
Cathleen (Cat) Nelson Payroll Associate
Meg Wellington Payroll Associate
Tavara Kountz Payroll Associate
Kevin Startt Director of Purchasing
Diana Kerfoot Purchasing Manager
Kevin Oster Procurement Agent
Teresa Chapman Procurement Agent
Jacquie Posey Procurement Agent
Julie Riebe Procurement Specialist
Karla Rodriguez-Aceves Procurement Specialist
Donna Hankins Procurement Specialist
Ira Rivera Purchasing Clerk II
Barbara Skutsch Purchasing Clerk I
Julie Versluis Student Finance Manager
Christine Aandewiel Student Finance Accounts Processor
Lynn Cole Student Finance Accounts Processor
Jodi Lesch Student Finance Accounts Processor
George Riviera Finance Courier