TUSD Infant & Early Learning Centers

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Tuition (Rates below are per month)

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Tuition rates are based on an annual rate. These rates guarantee your child's space in the Center from year to year. There is no discount for holidays, fall or spring break or summer. The Center will be open year-round and only closed during major holidays.

At this time there are no part-time rates. You may use the Center less than five days but must pay the full-time rate.

Tuition Rate for 12-Month Payment Plan

Please also see the Tuition Agreement Form for other payment schedules.

Tuition Rates for 12-Month Payment Plan for 2016-2017

Sites: Brichta and Schumaker

  NEW Public NEW Partners NEW Employee
Infant $700.00/month $630.00/month $490.00/month
Ones $630.00/month $567.00/month $490.00/month
Two $610.00/month $537.00/month $435.00/month
Threes $580.00/month $511.00/month $385.00/month
Fours $550.00/month $484.00 /month $385.00/month