TUSD Infant & Early Learning Centers

How do TUSD's Infant & Early Learning Centers provide you Tucson's best childcare opportunity?

We offer the following features:

  • Family-friendly hours. We're open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Affordable tuition and flexible fee payment schedules. As nonprofit childcare centers, we can keep our tuition rates lower than the average childcare provider.
  • Rigorous high standards established by nationally recognized organizations and developed in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Education.
  • Newly renovated facilities with new security systems, an outdoor learning environment and much more!
  • A research-based early childhood self-paced program that builds strong foundations for student success.
  • Healthful meals based on national nutrition standards. Meals are included in the cost of tuition.
  • Highly trained employees. Our staff members have college degrees and/or experience in early childcare and learning.
Photo of children and parents in Brichta garden

If you have questions about the TUSD Infant & Early Learning Centers, please call the centers at (520) 225-1100 for the Brichta Center or (520) 731-5200 for the Schumaker Center. Or email earlylearning@tusd1.org.

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