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Borton Computer Lab

Borton’s computer lab is equipped with 8 networked desktop computers for student use with small groups. In addition, each 1st- 5th grade classroom has at least three desktop computers for student use. Kindergarten classrooms have at least two computers.

Kids in computer lab

In the K-2 environment, students are just beginning to learn the rules. They learn that you have to log in to the computer to do your work. They learn how to move the mouse so that the cursor will move where they want it to be. They learn many of the difficult to specify abilities we call “computer skills.”

In addition, they use websites such as,, and Imagine Learning to improve their academic skills.

In the 3rd- 5th grades, students get most of their computer time in the classroom, using laptops in the “COWs” (Computers On Wheels). Borton has 5 COWs, each containing 30 computers.


They use the computers to learn keyboarding, as well as to do projects including online research, writing, and publishing.

If you have a computer at home, there are a number of free educational websites which are appropriate for youngsters listed on our Educational Links page.

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Updated August 10, 2018

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