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Borton Family Engagement Team

The Borton Family Engagement Team works to promote family involvement in the school and their children’s education.


2020-2021 Borton Family Engagement Team

Andrea Evans
Interim Principal
Jessica Redondo Teacher / Magnet Coordinator
Leslee Valencia Teacher  
Katie Fouts Teacher  
Rachel Carpenter
Blanca Amavizca
Amy Barron-Gafford


The team meets quarterly, concurrently with the Site Council.

Agenda July 10, 2020

Agenda August 19, 2020

Agenda October 21, 2020

Agenda January 13, 2021



Minutes July 10, 2020

Minutes August 19, 2020

Minutes October 21, 2020

Minutes January 13, 2021



2019-2020 Minutes


Family Engagement Team Meetings


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