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We've provided a rich selection of free, fun online learning sources in English language arts (ELA), math, science, and visual arts to supplement your learning. These are organized by grade level. Click the grade level for your child to get started!

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Log-In Instructions for Students

Help Track Student Learning Time

We need your help tracking student learning time. You can now do this in Synergy ParentVUE - https://parent.tusd1.org/.

  • Note: Time Tracking is available only through web browsers. It is currently not available through the mobile app. If you have a web browser (such as Chrome) on your smart phone or mobile device, you can log into ParentVUE through the browser on your device. Otherwise, please use a computer.
  • In ParentVUE, click "Attendance" in the navigation list on the left.
  • Then click the "Time Tracker" link in (upper right).

You should enter time when:

  1. your student does work outside of teacher-lead sessions
  2. your student is trying to connect to class Zoom sessions but is unable to do so because of technical issues

Please enter total minutes per class, per day, no matter when in the day your student did the wor. These minutes can be entered for every school day and submitted at the end of each school week.

For more information, please see ParentVUE Time Tracking Instructions.

Thank you for supporting your child's academic efforts and helping us meet Arizona Dept. of Education requirements!

How do students log into Clever? (Video Instructions)

Clever logo

  1. Go to clever.com/in/tusd1
  2. Click on "Log in with Network Credentials."
    screenshot of Log In page
  3. Sign in using your  10-digit Student ID number (or "matric") plus @s.tusd1.org
    Example: 1301234567@s.tusd1.org

ChromeBook Clever Logon Issues

Clever - Guía estudiantil para iniciar sesiones en casa

How do students log in to Office 365? (Video Instructions)

Student Logon/Password Change (August 2020)

Every TUSD student has an Office 365 account that has been set up for them. They can access their account by going to

portal.office.com, clicking Sign in (top right), and then doing the following:
  1. Enter < matric@s.tusd1.org > (without the < >) in the spot where it says "Email, Phone, Skype."
    Students' matric number is their student ID number.
    screenshot of login
  2. Upon entering this information, you will be taken to the TUSD sign in page. Your student's username will be the same matric@s.tusd1.org they used at the log-in screen, and their password is the same password they log in with at school.
    Students have to make sure they include the "s." after @ in the username: matric@s.tusd1.org.

How do students log in to StudentVUE (Synergy)?

Go to https://student.tusd1.org/

and log in using your 10-digit Student ID number and your District password.

IMPORTANT: Your StudentVUE User Name is your 10-digit Student ID number, not your district email address.

You can also access StudentVUE via the StudentVUE App for iOS and Android.

Zoom: Log-In, Log-Out, and Meetings (Video Instructions)

Log into Zoom on a Chromebook

Log into Zoom on a Tablet

Zoom Meetings

Logging Out of Zoom

Zoom Information for Teachers and Parents

Student Log-In and Password Information - 2020-2021 School Year

Start of School Password Change Not Required

Please note: the change password steps below may not work for all students. Fortunately, if students are having difficulty changing their password, they don't have to change it right now. If they have a password that is working, they can continue to use that for the time being. We will not require a password change until later in the month and will keep everyone apprised before that happens.

If students would rather change their password right away, they can use this direct link: https://sts.tusd1.org/adfs/portal/updatepassword/.  If they are going to use this link, they should be aware that it may take up to 5 minutes for the new password to work for Clever and Microsoft Office.

Student Passwords: The First Time You Log On

A student's password for the start of the 2020-21 School Year has been reset to their Student ID number (Matric) After logging on the first time, students should reset this password.

Exception: If a student has logged into their account during the month of July, their password has not been reset.

Student Login & Password Reset Instructions

  1. The first time you log in to a TUSD device:
    • User Name: Full school email address. This is in the form of the 10-digit Student ID followed by @s.tusd1.org, for example: 1300101011@s.tusd1.org
    • Default Password: 10-digit Student ID (Matric) number
  2. On the TUSD device or on a personal device, open a web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge will both work).
  3. Go to office.com
  4. Sign in: Type your full school email address including (Your Student ID number followed by @s.tusd1.org portion, for example: 1300101011@s.tusd1.org) and click "Next".
  5. Password: Type your 10-digit Student ID (Matric) and click "Sign in."
  6. Once the Office Portal loads, click your avatar icon in the top right corner.
  7. Click "My Account".
  8. The My Account page will load. Click "Password" from the left menu column of this screen.
  9. The password reset page will load.
  10. Type your old password. This is your Student ID/Matric number at the beginning of the school year.
  11. Then create and confirm new password.

    Password Suggestions

    Password Length:

    • Grades preK-5: Minimum 4 characters
    • Grades 6-12: Minimum 8 characters

    Password Complexity Recommendations (Grades 6-12): Make sure to use a CAPITAL letter, number (1,2,3,4,5) and a special character (!,@,$,%,&,?) to create a secure password.

    Please REMEMBER you password. Write it down if you must and keep it in a safe place you can reference later.

  12. Finally, click "Submit".
  13. Once you have done this, you can log into Clever.

Need more help? Take a look at Password Reset Instructions for Students (in PDF).

How to set up laptops, tablets, and hotspots

2020-2021 School Year

Spring 2020

How do I find my child's matric or Student ID?

Your child's Student ID is sometimes called their "matric" number.

If you have a ParentVUE account, you can find your their Student ID (or matric number) in ParentVUE.

Log into ParentVUE at https://parent.tusd1.org/.

Students can also find their matric/Student ID in StudentVUE, https://student.tusd1.org/

How do I get help with technical support and other questions?

If you have technical questions and/or need support, please call your school. They'll coordinate with Technology Services to get you the help you need.

If you call after hours, please leave a detailed message including:

  1. a callback number
  2. your student's name and grade
  3. the specific issue or question

Thank you!

Internet Access for 2020-2021 School Year

This school year Tucson Unified is providing hotspots from T-Mobile directly to families in need of Internet service. There is no application and the district is paying the monthly fee for using the hotspot for the 2020-2021 school year if needed.

For more information, see the Family Internet Service FAQ.

Student Hotspot Loan Authorization

Loaner Laptop/Tablet/Hotspot Important Paperwork

2020-2021 School Year

Spring 2020

AP (Advanced Placement )

AP Courses AP Courses:
Practice AP content (Requires College Board student login)

9-12 - English Language Arts

Students can log into Clever to access the same ELA/ELD apps they use at school!

Read Write Think Read Write Think:
Make connections

Teaching Books Teaching Books:
Bring books to life!

Scholastic Learn At HomeScholastic at Home:
A range of learning materials and activities

9-12 - Math

Students can log into Clever to access the same math apps they use at school!

Knowledge On the Go Knowledge On the Go:
Free daily lessons!

Great Minds Great Minds:
Parent resources

Illustrative Math Illustrative Mathematics:
Math tasks by grade level

youcubed youcubed:
Stanford Online Courses

9-12 - Science

Code Code:
Programming is fun

Great Minds Scratch:
Code animations and more

9-12 - Visual Arts

Met Kids Met Kids:
Visit the Museum!

Lunch Doodles Lunch Doodles:
A doodle a day...

9-12 - All Subjects

Kahoot Kahoot!:
Learning Games

Khan AcademyKhan Academy:
Features special School Closure resources

PBS Kids PBS Kids:
Daily activities and games

PBS Learning Media PBS Learning Media:
Learning videos and units

Pima County Library Pima County Library:
All the library offers!

Starfall Starfall:
Activities and Games

Virtual Field Trips Destinations 1 | Destinations 2
Get Away.... virtually

wonderopolis Wonderopolis:
Where the wonders of learning never cease

Free Meals for Kids!

TUSD Grab And Go Meals for Students
Schedules and Routes

Service Begins August 10, 2020

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