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Our District Legacies

Megan Hughes looks longingly at the cards her daughters, Taylor and Hallie, have written her regarding their time spent together at Megan’s alma mater, Sahuaro High School. As both an English teacher and girls golf coach for Sahuaro, Megan has the privilege to cross paths with her daughters multiple times each day before joining them back at home for dinner.

"In a way for me, it’s kind of paying it forward," Megan explains, "because when I was here as a student I was in so many clubs and sports that someone had to step up and sponsor and coach those things in order to give me the opportunity to do that. I want to do that for other people."

In addition to teaching English to freshman and sophomores and coaching girls golf, Megan sponsors the speech and debate team and has coached both boys and girls tennis in the past. In total, Megan has been teaching at Sahuaro for 22 years. When she first returned as a teacher, Megan found herself teaching alongside many of her former teachers. She admits to initially struggling to call them by their first names, but is grateful that they had only good memories of her as a student!

Megan's links to Tucson Unified go beyond Sahuaro. Her father first moved to Tucson in middle school and attended Doolen, Tucson High and Catalina. Megan grew up in Tucson as well, spending eight years at Hudlow before attending Magee and Sahuaro. Even Megan’s husband, Lance Hughes, has worked in multiple district schools and is now an administrator at Pistor.

Regarding her future with Sahuaro, Megan is blunt. “I can’t picture leaving," she admits."What else would I do?"

Thank you, Megan, for all that you have done and will continue to do for our students!

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Course Approval Process

Print Version of Course Approval Flowchart (in PDF)

Each proposal to change, delete, or create a course is reviewed at each of the steps below. If it is approved, then it is forwarded to the next review body. The course approval process at TUSD aims to support creation of courses which improve student course offerings, strengthen Advanced Learning Experiences for students, and provides varied enrichment opportunities for students. All course proposals will be carefully reviewed for alignment to Arizona's College and Career Ready (AZCCR) Standards and TUSD's Curriculum Framework.

  1. Statement of identified need for course
  2. Complete and submit the Course Proposal Form (Print Version - in PDF) attaching the following four required Documents:
    1. Course Syllabus (Template)
    2. Scope/Sequence (if applicable)
    3. Curriculum Map (if applicable)
    4. Staffing
  3. Sr. Director of Curriculum reviews submitted proposal in conjunction with content area specialist - If denied, resubmit option. If approved, continue. (2-4 weeks)
  4. Initiator notified of approval and next steps (2 weeks)
  5. Reviewed by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum (1-2 weeks)
  6. Submitted to Governing Board for approval (4-8 weeks)
  7. Submit for course competency approval to AZ Board of Regents (4 weeks)