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Announcements for Employees
Course Approval Process

Print Version of Course Approval Flowchart (in PDF)

Each proposal to change, delete, or create a course is reviewed at each of the steps below. If it is approved, then it is forwarded to the next review body. The course approval process at TUSD aims to support creation of courses which improve student course offerings, strengthen Advanced Learning Experiences for students, and provides varied enrichment opportunities for students. All course proposals will be carefully reviewed for alignment to Arizona's College and Career Ready (AZCCR) Standards and TUSD's Curriculum Framework.

  1. Statement of identified need for course
  2. Complete and submit the Course Proposal Form (Print Version - in PDF) attaching the following four required Documents:
    1. Course Syllabus (Template)
    2. Scope/Sequence (if applicable)
    3. Curriculum Map (if applicable)
    4. Staffing
  3. Sr. Director of Curriculum reviews submitted proposal in conjunction with content area specialist - If denied, resubmit option. If approved, continue. (2-4 weeks)
  4. Initiator notified of approval and next steps (2 weeks)
  5. Reviewed by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum (1-2 weeks)
  6. Submitted to Governing Board for approval (4-8 weeks)
  7. Submit for course competency approval to AZ Board of Regents (4 weeks)
Our District Legacies

Creating educators is what this family has done for generations! Stephanie Macias and her children, Matt and Megan, share their commitment to their students and to each other. This Legacies segment is a poignant expression of gratitude by Matt and Megan to their mother, acknowledging her challenges as a single parent and the gifts of vision and passion they received from her. Pistor, Valencia and Maldonado students are all benefiting from this family’s giving spirit and hard work. As Tucson Unified students, these three Macias’s attended eight different Tucson Unified schools.

Stephanie's father taught at Warren for 30 years and many aunts are teachers. We thank them for their service to our schools and community, and for sharing their story.

Curriculum 4.0

Tucson Unified School District - K-12 Curriculum

Teachers, you can now access Curriculum 4.0 from home! Just log into Office 365. Enter your district email on the first login screen, then, when prompted, enter your district login and password. Click then links below!

Note: These materials are only available to TUSD employees through Office 365.

Governing Board Policies and Regulations - Tucson Unified School District

Photo of Robins Staff