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Wellness at Tucson Unified

Wellness Program Home | A partnership between Tucson Unified and the Wellness Council of Arizona
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Contest Winners

Team Weight Loss Challenge Winners

A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the Biggest Winner – Team Weight Loss Challenge.

500 people weighed in and weighed out as part of a team in this challenge!

  • 2,591.4 lbs. were lost in this challenge - way to go!
  • The top 3 winning teams lost an average of 8.1%!

Biggest Winner – Team Weight Loss Challenge WINNERS!

  • 1st Place: $100 gift cards for every member: Fat Busters (GATE)
    Deborah Zimmerman, Emily Lambert, and Pam Brown
  • 2nd Place: $50 gift cards for every member: The Miller Targeteers (Miller Elementary School)
    Anna Padilla, Michelle Tarwater, and Renee Murrieta
  • 3rd Place: $25 gift cards for every member: Weighted Measures (STARR Center)
    Alexis Kopkowski, Connie Price-Johnson, and Stephen Gaarder

Achieve 4% Team Weight Loss Goal: Raffle for a $100 gift cards for each member

The Slimsons (Ochoa):
Frances Galaz, Karla Santibanez, Marco Bermudez, Michelle Quinonez, and Nichole Lopez-Carley

Team meets with Health Coach: Raffle for a $50 gift cards for each team member

The Happy Buddha's (Valencia Middle School): Courtney Owen, Karen Evans, Malisa Martinez, Marlena Fuentes, and Michelle Martinez

Top 3 schools with highest % of participation - Free Massage Day

  • Ochoa Community Magnet School
  • Borman Elementary School
  • Ford Elementary School

Biggest Winner: Best Team Name

Diary of a Hangry Teacher

Congratulations to Sara Dineley, Jan Milligan, Christina Petrino, and Veronica Watson of Sewell Elementary!  You've won lunch on us!  Your Health Coach will bring $15 Baggins Gift Cards for everyone on your Team! Yay!

Power Up Nutrition Challenge Winners

The goal of this challenge was to eat 9 Well Balanced Meals for a chance to win 1 of 25 $50 Sprouts gift cards!

And the winners are…

Amada Tanbal (Johnson)
Ana Kroh (Palo Verde)
Cheryl Leeper (Ex ed)
Christine Seiberlich (Gale)
Cristina Parsons (Catalina)
David Kruszewski (Sahuaro)
Diana Johnston   (Ford)
Donna Goble (1010)
Ellen Ruble (Miles)
Emily Bennett (Gridley)
Heidi Bidwell (Rincon)
Jamie French (Catalina)
Jasmin Garcia (Bonillas)
Judith Gramajo    (Catalina)
Kacey Obert (Gale)
Katie Rumney (Sam Hughes)
Kim Wahl (Magee)
Kira Moore-Rendon (Ochoa)
Maria Valencia (Schumaker)
Megan Stoermer (Catalina)
Nikki Stefan (Health Services)
Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)
Sandy Marschinke (Duffy)
Shari Sidransky   (Cavett)
Teri Shepard-McBride  (LIRC)

Congratulations, Maintain Don't Gain Participants and Winners!

Great job to all of our Maintain, Don't Gain participants! The goal was to maintain your weight throughout the 2016-2017 holiday season.

  • 676 people weighed in before Halloween and weighed out after the New Year for this challenge!
  • 491 people maintained their weight within 2 pounds!
  • An additional 339 people lost weight!
  • The total number of pounds lost during this challenge: 1527.5 pounds!

Fun fact: On average, Americans gain 7 pounds over the Holidays (Halloween – New Year's Day). The Tucson Unified participants in this Holiday Challenge lost an average of 2.3 pounds! That's Amazing! And without further ado... Here are your 2016-2017 Maintain, Don't Gain WINNERS!

Everyone who weighed in and weighed out was entered into a raffle for $50!

$50 gift card winners

  • Corina Hernandez (1010)
  • Kim Carson (Manzo)
  • Kimberly Lurie (Tucson High)
  • Michelle Gower (Mansfeld)
  • Toni Hall (Holladay)

Everyone who maintained within 2 lbs over the holidays was entered into a raffle for $100!

$100 gift card winners

  • Hector Rodriguez (White)
  • Karyl Sutherland (Holladay)
  • Mary Kolsrud (Erickson)
  • Stephenie Lopez (Maldonado)
  • Yolanda Chamseddine (Safford)

Additionally, everyone who lost 5+ lbs over the holidays was entered into a raffle for $100!

Bonus Raffle $100 gift card winners

  • Kim DuPuis (Catalina)
  • Mariel Hall (Tucson High)

*PLUS* The school/location with the highest percentage of participation in this challenge has earned a Free Massage Day for every employee at their location!

And the winner is... Mary Meredith!

The winners listed above have each won a healthy purchase gift card of their choice! Your Health Coach will reach out to you, and will bring your gift card choice to you.

Congratulations to our raffle winners and Great Job maintaining over this holiday season!

2016 Meet Your Health Coach Winners

We are so happy to announce the WINNERS of the Meet Your Health Coach Challenge! The goal in this challenge was to meet with your Health Coach at least one time between September 1st and November 30th, and learn about all of the Wellness Initiatives that Tucson Unified has available to ALL employees. We had the pleasure of meeting with 755 employees, and all of the participants were entered into a raffle for a chance to win 1 of 5 FITBITS!

And the FITBIT Winners are...

  • JC De La Torre - Wakefield
  • Keisha Coleman - Kellond
  • Lourdes Serna - Erickson
  • Margie Lane - Oyama/Vesey
  • Maria Tevis - Soleng Tom

Additionally, the two schools/sites with the Highest Participation in the Meet Your Health Coach Challenge earned a FREE Catered Healthy Lunch on us!  And the Winners are...

Maldonado Elementary
Wakefield Family Center

Congratulations to all our winners!  Your Health Coach will bring your prize to you, and the coaches will be in touch to set up the Catered Lunches at Maldonado and Wakefield.  Also, please note that we offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Health Coaching to ALL employees year round.  We can discuss anything and everything having to do with fitness, nutrition, self-care, stress management, weight management, and lifestyle disease management and prevention.

2016-17 First Quarter Wellness Rewards Program

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 1st quarter of the Wellness Rewards Program!

  • Jennifer Chavez (Palo Verde)
  • Debra Davis (LIRC/Operations)
  • Karen Gutierrez (1010)
  • Shelley Sykora (LIRC/Operations)
  • Jessica Maurer (Booth-Fickett)
  • Amy McDowell (Warren)
  • Chrissy Diers (CE Rose)
  • Roberta Harris (Catalina)
  • Alexandra Mazur (Robison)
  • Kirk Sampson (Maxwell)

The 10 employees listed above have each won a $50 healthy purchase gift card for their participation in Employee Wellness Programs during the first quarter (July-Sept) of the 2016-2017 school year. The Wellness Rewards Program is the year-long 2016-2017 Tucson Unified employee program that makes wellness rewarding!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

2016 FITGO/GwH/Health Fair winners

Your Health Coaches here, and we want to thank you for a fantastic summer with our FITGO Bingo 2016 challenge and an incredible 2015-2016 year with the yearlong Graduate with Honors program! We also want to say a big thank you to all who were able to attend the 2016 Health Expo and Benefits Fair! Check out the complete list of winners (in PDF)!

2016 Power Up Nutrition Challenge Winners!

The goal in this challenge was to eat 9 Well Balanced Meals for a chance to win 1 of 25 $50 Sprouts gift cards!

And the winners are...

Vanessa Aguaya (Maldonado)
Debbie Bassaraba (Dunham)
Kirstin Bittel (Mansfeld)
Melissa Carroll (Howell)
Cindin Carroll (Marshall)
Veronica Dorion (Rincon)
Rosa Escalante (Wakefield)
Jennifer Fiero (Vesey)
Stephanie Freeman (Kellond)
Lindsey Hullfish (1010)
Ana Kroh (Palo Verde)
Kimberly Lurie (Tucson High)
Rachel Maleski (Santa Rita)
Lizette Marquez (Ford)
Jan Milligan (Sewell)
Regina Oliver (Tucson High)
Cristina Parsons (Catalina)
Alexander Rodriguez (Holladay)
Terri Sharp (Safford)
Lisa Bennington-Skay (Doolen)
Jennifer Thompson (Sahuaro)
Patrice Thumberg (Cavett)
Kim Wahl (Magee)
Gretchen Wallace (Palo Verde)
Melissa Wilhite (Maldonado)

Good job to all of our Power Up Challengers!

Graduate with Honors Program Winners

Graduate with HonorsThird Quarter - 2015-2016 School Year
Julie Alvira (Erickson)
Crystal Ashburn (Lineweaver)
Dawn Brena (Risk Management)
Thomas Davis (Sahuaro)
Claudia Jimenez Montano (CE Rose)
Debra Madson (Magee)
Adella Orta (Transportation)
Connie Price-Johnson (Curriculum, Innovation and Professional Development)
Amanda Tanbal (Johnson)
Brette Washburn (Robison)

Second Quarter - 2015-2016 School Year
Imelda Acedo (Sahuaro)
Janice Budak (Safford)
Caroline Carson (Wright)
Lesley Coo (Hollinger)
Mollie Crouch (Vail)
Jeremy Harkin (Sahuaro)
Mary Kolsrud (Erickson)
Anna Marcum (Mansfeld)
Priscella Martin (Mary Meredith)
Carmen Romero (Wright)

First Quarter - 2015-2016
Kirstin Bittel (Mansfeld)
Marita Beeman (Ford)
Jean Marie Marquez (1010)
Patricia Perez (Pueblo Gardens)
Alex Rodriguez (Cragin)
Luke van Schie (Secrist)
Janine Malkin (Lineweaver)
Nora Paszulya (Catalina)
Lilian Yslas (Ford)
Ron Tolf (Food Services)
Lifestyle Improvements For Employees
  • About the Wellness Program
    L.I.F.E. @ TUSD, the district's wellness program, aids in developing physical activity, healthy nutrition, stress management, disease management, and self care lifestyles.

    In response to interests expressed by TUSD employees on questionnaires and surveys, we have developed programs to meet the following goals:

    • Physical Activity
    • Nutrition Guidance
    • Stress Management
    • Self-care Information
    • Disease Management

    L.I.F.E. @ TUSD is a partnership between TUSD and the Wellness Council of Arizona.
  • Success Stories
    A TUSD staff member writes, "Through this training and information, my support circle, plus my commitment to regular, consistent participation I have lost 35 lbs and almost 10% body fat. My body is toned and muscle has replaced fat! It's been exciting experiencing the changes to my body and shopping for new clothes. Furthermore it's not just been about the weight. For me it's been about better mind body & spirit. I feel great! These wellness tools have helped me broaden my activity interests because I now am able to do what I choose to do; like cycling 109 miles in the El Tour De Tucson. Along with the mentoring, enthusiasm, support, and caring from Andrea and Raquel, my journey has been a great adventure. I am forever thankful for and grateful to my knowledgeable leaders. The cool thing is that my journey isn't finished yet. I feel like it has just begun and I can't wait for a new adventure!" More...

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