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Time Clock Resources and Training

  • Important Features of the Time Clock system:
    Clocking In and Out and Paperless Time Sheets
    Hourly employees must clock in and out and check weekly times in order to be paid.

    Time Off Requests
    You will now request your time off through the time clock system either online or at the time clock.

    More about the Time Keeping System...
    We've introduced this time-keeping system at TUSD to help ensure that all hourly staff are compensated for the time they work.

    Plus, it's way past time that we replace our outdated, paper-based processes. Our system provides greater efficiency and accuracy while making sure that hourly staff are paid or otherwise compensated for the hours they put in.

    Exempt employees on salary will not clock in or out. All certified exempt staff will continue to use the sub system to report leave, and other exempt staff will use the timekeeping system to record their use of leave time.
  • Time Manager Questions?
    Do you have questions about missed payroll deadlines, no job codes, or clocking in for wrong job code?
    See this handout (in PDF) | See this FAQ (in PDF)
  • Employee Questions?
    Are you an employee with questions about multiple jobs, no job code, or missed or wrong punches?
    See this handout (in PDF) | See this FAQ (in PDF)
  • Clock In | Clock Out Web App
    The web app for clocking in and out is available through any TUSD networked computer. You can find links to this on the TUSD Intranet home page. Please add this link to your favorites.
  • Time Clock Updates with Vivian!
  • Train the Trainer
    This training will help ensure you have the knowledge and resources to be successful with the new time clock changes including allowing you to streamline processes, eliminate paper, and empower employees to manage their own time clock records. Train the Trainer on Time-Clock Plus (in PDF)

Information and Basics

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