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Steps to Success

Steps to Success | A project of Tucson Unified's Dropout Prevention  | 3645 E. Pima St. (at Catalina), Tucson, AZ 85716 | (520) 232-8411 | Email Us

Steps to Success
  • Our next Steps to Success - August 18
    The next Steps for Success will be happening on August 18. Representatives from the district will be visiting Tucson homes to encourage students who are no longer in school to re-enroll. We’ve had tremendous success with this project in the past, and we look forward to helping more students get back in school and a step closer to graduation.
  • Introduction
    The Steps to Success initiative is a partnership between Tucson Unified School District and the City of Tucson Office of the Mayor to seek out and retrieve students who have dropped out of Tucson Unified School District. Through home visits, this partnership has allowed educational staff, city officials, and community members to visit with students and their families and encourage them to come back and finish their high school education.

    Since July 2014, we've held five walks to retrieve identified students in grades seven through twelve. We specifically seek out students who, according the Arizona Department of Education, are classified as educational "Status Unknown." We attempt to contact each family with a message of community support and academic assistance, in hopes the student will return to school. To date, 384 students have been enrolled through Steps to Success, and 64 students have graduated.
  • Mission
    The mission of the Steps to Success initiative is to locate, retrieve, and reintroduce students to an academic setting that is conducive toward completion of a high school diploma.
  • Steps to Success by the numbers:
    Total walks to date: 5
    Total graduates: 64
    Total re-enrollments to date: 384
    (does not include August 3, 2016 data)

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