Dale Lopez

Dale's long love for Roskruge began at the age of nine when he became a fourth-grade student there. Since then he hasn't left the school. After graduating junior high, he went to Tucson High, and every afternoon he would walk back to Roskruge to volunteer in the after-school sports program.

During his years at the University of Arizona, Dale kept volunteering every afternoon at Roskruge.

Right after he graduated at the University of Arizona, he started working at Roskruge as a first-grade teacher. Throughout the years he has continually changed jobs positions but never has left. He is now the Magnet Program Coordinator.

"This is definitely home. I never left, and I love it," says Dale. His four children had attended Roskruge, and now his granddaughter is a fifth-grader at the school. He is happy to know that his younger grandchildren will also continue his legacy at Roskruge.

Thank you, Dale, for 50 years of dedication to Ruskruge.

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