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Magee Middle School Students Create Mural for Arizona Centennial

Posted May 17, 2012

In celebration of the Arizona Centennial in February and Autism Awareness Month in April, students and staff from Magee Middle School's Autism Program designed and painted a mural in the school's cafeteria.

"It looks a lot nicer," says one of the student artists, describing the new decor of the cafeteria. The students painted a desert scene with a roadrunner (which happens to be the school mascot), a cactus wren and saguaros. A map of Arizona with a portrait of William Taft (who was president when Arizona became a state in 1912) and the Arizona star also decorate the walls.

The mural is dedicated to Magee's first principal, Mr. Gordon Overstreet, and the cafeteria has been named "The Overstreet Cafe."

 Photo of Magee students and mural
The mural celebrates Arizona's history.
 Photo of Magee students and mural
William Taft, U.S. President in 1912, is featured in the corner of the mural.

  Photo of Magee students and mural
The students painted Arizona mountains, saguaros, and a road runner.

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