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Voluntary Water Screening Program

Voluntary Water Screening Program

On January 3, 2017, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) launched a proactive statewide public school drinking water lead screening program for more than 1,000 schools in Arizona.

The purpose of the program is to ensure that our school children have access to safe drinking water facilities by testing water samples for lead content. Tucson Unified volunteered to participate in this important screening program, and earlier this month, a screening of water sources at each of our school sites was completed.

As test results become available, ADEQ will notify Tucson Unified and the general public of the water sample screening outcomes.

Along with all test results, ADEQ will also release specific recommendations to remedy water source contaminant issues. Tucson Unified will follow all recommended procedures.

Results can be located on the ADEQ website, and Tucson Unified will directly communicate all results to families. Please note that the results are coming in sporadically.

From Dr. Francisco García, Assistant County Administrator for Health Services & Chief Medical Officer:

"There is no immediate threat to the health and safety of the students nor the teachers and staff at these schools. The Health Department appreciates the forward thinking of our state and school partners to identify and address any potential risks. The well-being of this community is a top priority, and Pima County is committed to work with parents and schools during this process."

We look forward to sharing the results with you.If you have questions about this process, please email

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about your student's school please email This mailbox is monitored by a group of staff members who are aware of this situation and can provide answers for your family. If you have questions about the state water testing program please contact AzDEQ at or call 602-771-4298.

Summary of Results Received by May 23, 2017

  • Total Sites Sampled: 122
  • Samples Requiring Retesting:
    • Catalina - 2 out of 23 samples
    • Maxwell - 1 out of 14 samples
    • Myers/Ganoung- 1 out of 5 samples
    • Palo Verde -1 out of 11 samples
    • Pueblo - 1 out of 28 samples
    • Rincon/University - 1 out of 21 samples
    • Sabino - 1 out of 11 samples
    • Sahuaro - 1 out of 18 samples
  • Sites with No Problems:
    • Banks Elementary School
    • Blenman Elementary School
    • Bloom Elementary School
    • Bonillas Elementary Basic Curriculum Magnet School
    • Booth-Fickett K-8 Math/Science Magnet School
    • Borman K-8 School
    • Borton Primary Magnet School
    • Brichta Elementary School
    • C. E. Rose K-8 School
    • Camp Cooper
    • Carrillo Intermediate Magnet School
    • Cavett Elementary School
    • Cherry Field
    • Cholla High Magnet School
    • Collier Elementary School
    • Cragin Elementary School
    • Davis Elementary School
    • Dietz Elementary School
    • Dodge Middle Magnet School
    • Doolen Middle School
    • Drachman K-8 Magnet School
    • Drake
    • Dunham Elementary School
    • Erickson Elementary School
    • Food Services
    • Ford Elementary School
    • Fruchthendler Elementary School
    • Gale Elementary School
    • Gridley Middle School
    • Grijalva Elementary School
    • Henry Elementary School
    • Holladay Intermediate Magnet School
    • Hollinger Elementary School
    • Howell Elementary School
    • Hudlow Elementary School
    • Johnson Primary School
    • Kellond Elementary School
    • Lawrence Intermediate School
    • Lineweaver Elementary School
    • Lynn/Urquides Elementary School
    • Magee Middle School
    • Maldonado Elementary School
    • Mansfeld Middle School
    • Manzo Elementary School
    • Marshall Elementary School
    • Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence
    • Mary Meredith K-12
    • Miles Exploratory Learning Center
    • Miller Elementary School
    • Mission View Elementary School
    • Morrow Ed Center A (1010 E. Tenth St.)
    • Morrow Ed Center B (1010 E. Tenth St.)
    • Ochoa Elementary School
    • Oyama Elementary School
    • Pistor Middle School
    • Project MORE
    • Pueblo Gardens Elementary School
    • Roberts/Naylor K-8 School
    • Robins K-8 School
    • Robison Elementary School
    • Rose Wellness Center
    • Roskruge Bilingual K-8 Magnet School
    • Safford K-8 School
    • Sam Hughes Elementary School
    • Santa Rita High School
    • Schumaker Elementary School
    • Secrist Middle School
    • Sewell Elementary School
    • Soleng Tom Elementary School
    • Southwest Education Center
    • Steele Elementary School
    • Teenage Parent High School
    • Tolson Elementary School
    • Tucson Magnet High School
    • Tully Elementary School
    • Utterback Middle School
    • Valencia Middle School
    • Van Buskirk Elementary School
    • Vesey Elementary School
    • Warren Elementary School
    • Wheeler Elementary School
    • White Elementary School
    • Whitmore Elementary School
    • Wright Elementary School