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Third Grade Promotion/Retention

Arizona Revised Statues have put in place a significant change regarding the promotion and retention of third grade students.

These changes do not take effect until the school year 2013-14. Students in kindergarten, first and second grade students during the 2012-2013 school year will be the first groups to be impacted by this legislation.

This law was newly revised in the spring of 2012. It states that a student shall not be promoted from the third grade if the student obtains a score on the AIMS or successor reading test that demonstrates he or she is reading far below the third grade level. Provisions of the law previously allowed the Governing Board to exempt a pupil for a variety of reasons. The NEWEST revision of the statute has restricted those good cause exceptions to only those listed below. Hence, the Governing Board has less flexibility in third grade promotion than it had before.

In accordance with the law, a school district or governing board may choose to promote a pupil who earns an AIMS score that falls far below the third grade level for any of the following reasons:

The student has an identified disability and has not taken the AIMS or a successor test.
The student has an identified disability and has been previously retained in a grade.
The student is an English Language Learner (ELL) and has had less than two years of English instruction.
More information about the newly revised statute (A.R.S. 15-701) can be accessed at the Fact Sheet for S.B. 1258, available through the Arizona State Legislature webiste.

TUSD will provide a separate written notification to parents of students with substantial reading deficiencies identified prior to the end of third grade, which will include the following:

Description of currently provided reading services;
Description of available supplemental instructional services and supporting programs designed to remediate reading deficiencies;
Parental strategies to assist in student becoming proficient;
Statement stipulating the student will not be promoted if the student receives an AIMS reading score indicating the student is reading far below the third grade level unless the student is exempt from the retention policy or qualifies for a "good cause" exemption;
Description of the district's policy on mid-year promotion.
TUSD teachers are trained in reading instruction and understand how to work with students experiencing reading difficulties. In order to prepare all students for success, we need to work as a team and your involvement is essential.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your principal or your child's teacher.