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Roskruge Proposed Boundary Change - Share Your Feedback

Parent/Guardian Survey (in PDF) | FAQ - English and Spanish (in PDF)

Tucson Unified is exploring the concept of making Roskruge a no-boundary school for Roskruge grades K-5; it already has no boundary for the upper grades. This would strengthen the dual-language program by making it "application-only" in order to enroll students interested and committed to the program. These students will have a better chance to become bilingual and bi‐literate at an early age, reach high academic standards, and develop cross‐cultural competencies. This would also provide better options for parents who don't want their children in the dual-language program.

Possible receiving schools for the Roskruge K-5 neighborhoods are shown below.

Boundary Options map showing Tully, Manzo, Safford, Howell, Hughes, and Cragin as possible receiving schools

Tucson Unified is committed to maintaining the dual-language program at Roskruge and to supporting parents with the following provisions:

  • Students already in Roskruge may stay in Roskruge.
  • Students who live in the Roskruge attendance area but don't now go to the school may apply to the school. If they are kindergarten or first-grade students or if they are Spanish proficient they will be given preference, and virtually all, if not all, who apply will be accepted.
  • Students who live in the Roskruge area who don't want the dual-language program will now have a school they can go to without having to apply. They will have transportation.

Please share your feedback through our Parent/Guardian Survey (in PDF).