All TUSD schools open on Monday! More info/Q & A...

Classes will resume Monday, May 7. If any services will be interrupted, we will let you know ASAP. We are excited to get back to school!

At this point, the school year will not be extended. Graduation will proceed as planned. We are working on bell schedules for each school to provide contract and instructional time as needed.

We will continue to post updates here on our website and on facebook @ We will also send notification through ParentLink, our automated phone and email system.

If you have questions, please send them to

More Q&A - Updated May 4, 2018

Q: When will schools open?
A: Schools will open Monday, May 7.

Q: Will the school year be extended?
A: No. Contract time will be added to school schedules in a way that won't extend the school year but will allow for contract time to be made up.

Q: Will high school graduation ceremonies continue?
A: Yes. Graduation ceremonies will be held at their scheduled times. The school year will not be extended.

Q: Will middle school promotion be held as scheduled?
A: Yes. The schedule for middle school promotions has not changed, and the school year will not be extended.

Q: Will students' attendance records be affected if they didn't go to school during the school closure?
A: No. During the school closure, students were not marked absent. For the purposes of perfect attendance, school closure days will not be counted against students.

Q: Will school events/performances/trips go on as scheduled?
A: Please check with your school administration for specific events/performance/trip information.

Q: Will my child's scheduled prom be held?
A: Yes. We anticipate no disruption to high school proms.

Q: Will the Infant & Early Learning Centers operate?
A: Yes. The Brichta and Schumaker centers will operate normally.

Q: I have other questions. Who do I contact?
A: Email We will do our best to get you what you need ASAP.

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