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For Supervisors

  • You must complete the Accident Investigation Report (in PDF) and send it to the Workers' Compensation Office via email, fax, or interoffice mail.
  • Check the area where the accident occurred. Clean up spills and debris thoroughly. (If the injury involved bodily fluid, see Injuries Involving Bodily Fluid.)
  • Place a cone to mark holes, etc., if possible, and notify appropriate personnel to have needed repairs done.
  • Remove obstacles to a safe area.
  • Get names and statements from witnesses.
  • Ensure employee follows work restrictions as listed on Return to Work Status.
  • If an employee has severe work restrictions and is unable to perform the essential functions of their job:
    • Can you accommodate at your site with light duty tasks? For example, working in office answering phones
      If you cannot accommodate at your site, call the Workers' Compensation Office at 225-6646 immediately.
  • Note: For ESI employees see Your Right to Workers' Compensation (in PDF).

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