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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation | 1010 E. 10th St., Tucson, AZ 85719 | (520) 225-6646
24/7 Call Line for Reporting Injuries: 1-888-252-4689

Volunteer Hours Reporting

  • General Information:
    • Volunteers are unpaid workers who volunteer on a consistent basis for Tucson Unified.
    • Volunteers are required to provide valid finger print documentation before being allowed to volunteer in the schools.
    • See Governing Board Policy and Regulation for more information:
    • Teachers and parents volunteering for the PTA Carnival or any PTA activities are not covered under Tucson Unified Workers' Compensation.
    • Student teachers are not covered under Tucson Unified Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • Monthly Record of Volunteer Workers Form:
    • Use the Volunteer Workers form (in Word) for volunteers to record their hours
    • Place the form in a central location
    • Put your School Name/Site Name and Month at the top
    • Have the Volunteer write their first and last name legibly
    • Record the number of hours they volunteered for the day in the box corresponding to the calendar day.
    • Round time to the half-hour (.50)
    • Send to the Workers' Compensation Office by the 10th of each month
    • Form can be used to know who is in your school at all times
  • Do not count:
    • Visitors
    • Parent-teacher conference meetings
    • Have-lunch-with-your-child-week visitors
    • Children of volunteer workers
    • Volunteers from museums and other organizations who are working for or volunteering for the other organization
    • Law enforcement personnel
    • U of A observers
    • Student teachers or others who are using our facilities for credit for their own classes, etc.
  • How to tally the Monthly Record of Volunteer Workers Form:
    • Count each person only once each month
    • Count all hours
    • Do not count PTA activities
    • Count each month separately - give one total of all volunteers per month,
      on the first (or top) sheet each month and one total of all hours per month,
      on the first (or top) sheet each month
    • If you have no volunteers you need to send in your form with “0” (zero) hours
  • A big THANK YOU is given to you for your hard work.
The Monthly Record of Volunteers is important to gauge success in partnership programs and to let the community know of their support and appreciation to TUSD. Your continued support in counting all people and all hours is needed and is very valuable to the district.

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