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Free Preschool Screenings @ Child Find

  • Preschool Special Education Information & Screening Requests
    (520) 232-7034
  • Child Find Brochure
  • Who is eligible for screening/evaluation?
    Children between the ages of 2 years, 9 months and 5 years of age, prior to September 1 of current school year and reside within the TUSD boundaries.
  • What is Child Find?
    Child Find has three parts:
    1. public relations
    2. the screening process of locating and identifying those children in need of services
    3. the referral of birth to 3 children to AzEIP
  • Why screen and evaluate preschool children?
    When learning challenges are identified at a young age, early intervention can help the child with their development.
  • What to watch for...
    Children who are showing difficulties with any of the following areas may have a learning challenge. Watch for difficulties with:
    • speaking/understanding
    • vision
    • hearing
    • walking/running
    • self-help skills
    • behavior/social skills
    • manipulating small objects/drawing
    • cognitions/academics
  • How to schedule a screening:
    Call (520) 232-7034. An intake will be taken over the phone and an appointment will be scheduled within 45 days.
  • What happens at the screening appointment?
    • A team member will ask you about your child's growth and development.
    • An audiologist will check your child's hearing.
    • A certified vision screener will check your child's vision.
    • Your child may be screened in one or more areas which the staff feels appropriate based on observation, review of records, etc.
    • A team member will share the screening results.
    • If an evaluation is necessary, an appointment will be arranged.
  • What if my child is less than three years of age?
    If you have concerns about a child that is between birth and two years, nine months of age, call the Arizona Early Intervention Program at (520) 325-6495 or (877) 222-5432.

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