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School-Address Look-Up

If you're not sure which TUSD attendance area you live in, use the Pima Association of Government's School/Address Look-Up to find your neighborhood school.

Remember, even if you don't live in a school's attendance area, you can still apply to go there for preschool and K-12!

Preschool Application

Online Preschool Application

This application includes:

  • Interest form 
    • 3 sections to gather required information to help with placement 
    • basic details about your child
    • basic household or family information
    • parent or guardian's contact information
    • preferences about placement
    • question about  child's development
  • Preschool Academic Questionnaire 
    • long section to assess the child's skill level and interests 
    • to help make the best placement
    • Your child must be present to assess some skills
    • used to help find the best placement for your child
  • Important details about the form
    • must be completed and submitted in one session
    • cannot be saved
    • will take 30-45 minutes to complete

Form - Translations and Print Versions

Preschool Interest Form
English | ArabicKirundi | Mandarin | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese

TUSD Preschool Questionnaire
English | Arabic | Kirundi | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese

Interested in Free Title I/Ex Ed preschool classrooms?

If so, please complete the TUSD Preschool Questionnaire (see links above) AND Interest Form. You can complete and return the print version (above) of the interest form or complete the online version below. The Questionnaire must be printed and completed with the child, and once completed, please scan and email it to or drop it off at your school. NOTE: The questionnaire is only needed for Title I/Ex Ed preschool classrooms (not tuition programs).

If your child is selected, you will be contacted by a department representative in July for placement of the following school year starting in August. If your child was not selected you will receive a letter that your child has been placed on a waitlist. We will continue placements throughout the school year as spots become available. Families who apply after the school year begins will only be contacted if your child receives a placement. Thank you for your interest in preschool at Tucson Unified!

More Information for Enrollment in Title I Preschool Programs

Timeline and Steps for Enrollment in Title I Preschool Programs

  1. Complete and submit Preschool Interest Form and Questionnaire together. You can find these forms on the Preschool Interest Form page.
    • Packets are considered "Incomplete" and will not be considered for placement if the Preschool Interest Form and Questionnaire are not filled out completely and submitted together.
  2. A preschool department staff member will contact the parent/guardian listed on the interest form when a placement is available for a qualifying child at one of the families' requested sites and/or their neighborhood school.
    • The preschool department will make three (3) attempts to contact parent/guardian for available placement. After the third (3rd) attempt, the child will go back on the waitlist and another child will be selected for the available placement.
    • Please respond by phone or email within no more than three (3) days after being contacted by the preschool department regarding placement for your child.
  3. When a preschool department staff member contacts a family with an open placement available for their child, the parent/guardian will be given the name of the school, teacher and session available for the child. At this time families can accept or decline the available placement.
    • If parent/guardian would prefer a site different from the available placement offered, it is likely the child will need to go on the waitlist for that site.
  4. If the offered placement is accepted, parent/guardian will be given information on documents to bring to use to register in the front office of the accepted placement site.
    • Please do not go to register your child until you have received a placement offer by a TUSD Preschool Department staff member.
  5. After you have enrolled your child in the offered preschool program, your child's teacher will contact you to schedule your orientation and small group sessions prior to the child attending their assigned a.m. or p..m. session.
  6. Once you have attended orientation and small group sessions, your child may begin attending their regular session.
    • For families with children who begin mid-year, we ask that the families meet with the classroom teacher prior to their child attending their first session on either a Wednesday or between sessions. This introductory meeting allows the teacher and family to complete the orientation and small group materials. Also, it allows the teacher time to prepare materials and a cubby for the child to have their first day.

Photo of Preschool Student

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