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Status of Closed Sites

Map of Closed School Sites (in PDF)

Status of Closed Elementary Schools

  • Brichta
  • Corbett
    • Available for lease or purchase
  • Duffy
    • TUSD's Community Service Programs
  • Fort Lowell School
    • Sold in 2016
  • Jefferson Park
    • Leased to International School - signed 11/28/11
  • Keen
    • Leased to Flowers and Bullets - signed 2/2/2017
  • Lyons
    • Partial lease; remainder available for lease or purchase
  • Menlo Park
    • Leased to Intermountain Academy - signed 7/6/15
  • Reynolds
    • Sold in 2017
  • Richey
    • Leased to Pascua Yaqui Tribe - signed 03/01/12
  • Roberts
    • Leased to Pima Community College - signed 12/13/11
  • Rogers
    • Leased to Sky Islands - signed 4/19/13
  • Schumaker
  • Van Horne
    • Sold in 2016
  • Wrightstown
    • Sold in 2015

Status of Closed Middle/K-8 Schools

  • Carson
    • Hold for possible TUSD redevelopment
  • Ft. Lowell/Townsend
    • Sold in 2017
  • Hohokam
    • Patent land educational use only; hold for future growth
  • Wakefield

Status of Closed High Schools

  • Broadway Bridge
    • Leased to One Stop Ship and Move – signed 11/1/2016
  • Howenstine
    • Portion of grounds leased; available for lease or purchase
  • PACE
    • Leased to Arts Express – signed 5/21/2012
  • PASS
    • Leased to Shalom Tabernacle Church – signed 10/24/2016

Lease or Purchase Surplus Property


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Photo of Howenstine

Planning Information

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Lease or Purchase surplus property

Closed Schools - Background Information

TUSD has closed twenty schools in the past twelve years. With the exception of Keen Elementary School, which was closed due to being in the Davis-Monthan Airbase flight zone, the decision to close schools was made in response to reductions in state funding and excess capacity at our schools.

In 2004, Keen Elementary School was closed due to being in the Davis-Monthan Airbase flight zone.

In early 2010, due to reductions in state funding and significant excess capacity, the district worked with under-enrolled schools, encouraging them to develop consolidation plans (schools combined into a single school). Some schools came forward with these plans; for others, plans were developed by district staff after meeting with school communities. The consolidations resulted in the closure of nine schools. Closures were approved by the Governing Board as follows:

  • Wrightstown Elementary School- May 11, 2010
  • Reynolds, Roberts and Van Horne elementary schools -  June 15, 2010
  • Fort Lowell, Rogers, Duffy and Jefferson Park elementary schools - July 1, 2010
  • Richey Elementary School - July 13, 2010

Even in the first year this helped to cut costs, returning 2% (approximately $30,000) to every school that remained open.

Then in June 2012, with continued reductions in state funding, a projected deficit of $17 million and 13,000 more seats than students, the district began a public process to determine additional closures. This process involved the development and consideration of a wide range of scenarios through town halls, focus groups and hearings before the Governing Board. On December 20, 2012, the Governing Board approved the closure of the following schools:

  • Brichta Elementary School
  • Broadway Bridge Alternative School
  • Carson Middle School
  • Corbett Elementary School
  • Fort Lowell-Townsend K-8 School
  • Hohokam Middle School
  • Howenstine Magnet High School
  • Lyons Elementary School
  • Menlo Park Elementary School
  • PACE Alternative School
  • PASS Alternative School
  • Schumaker Elementary School
  • Wakefield Middle School

Map of Closed School Sites (in PDF): Shows status and location of closed schools