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Success Foundation Mentoring/Leadership Program

In the mentoring program, community mentors help students develop steps towards success. Weekly two-hour mentoring/leadership sessions for students include the following topics:

  • In each session , mentors will share life experiences which attributed to their success.
  • Session 1: Little things matter. Action steps students take to reach goals. Students begin to set goals. Reflection/Discussion
  • Session 2: Attitude is everything. Students take action steps to not live in past and learn to deal with conflicting philosophies. Reflection/Discussion
  • Session 3: Use the Moment. Action steps to creating new circumstances for your self. Reflection/discussion
  • Session 4: Everything starts with small steps. Taking small steps towards meeting your goals, lose fear and be persistent.

The TUSD Mexican American Student Services Department will provide a facilitator at each site on Saturdays to help mentors implement the two hour training/mentoring sessions.

Success for Teans book coverMentors use Success for Teens: Real teen talk about using the slight edge, produced by the Success Foundation.

Mentoring sessions will take place on Saturdays in various school locations. Mentors will be scheduled to deliver mentoring sessions in teams of two mentors and one facilitator.