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Mexican American Student Services

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Special Recognition Criteria

The MASSD brings together students, administrators, families, and community members to celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding Latino students in grades 5-12.

Latino students earn invitations to the special recognition program by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA (or higher)
  • Maintain good citizenship
  • Maintain good Humanitarian practices with assistance from the school
  • Fine Arts accomplishment
Student Recognition 2017

Student Recognition, 2017

Over 1,200 Mexican American Students were recognized for their effort and dedication in their education. Certificates of Academic Excellence were awarded to student achieving a 4.0 GPA or higher. Two students of each school received the Cesar Chavez Award for achieving a 3.2 GPA or higher, participating in Arts/Sports, and community service. Certificates of Achievement honored all students maintaining a 3.2 GPA or higher.

Photo of studentMás de 1,200 estudiantes México Americanos fueron galardonados por su dedicación a los estudios. Vea aquí las fotografías del evento. Felicidades a todos los jóvenes por sus reconocimientos.

Daniel Valdez is an 8th grader at Safford K-8 Magnet School. His parents are so proud to see him recognized for his efforts and dedication. Daniel will be attending Cholla High School and all he wants and make his family proud and graduate.

Photo of studentDaniel Valdez estudia en Safford K-8 Magnet School. Sus padres están muy orgullosos al verlo recibir el reconocimiento. Daniel ira a Cholla High School donde su objetivo será graduarse para ser el orgullos de su familia.

Photo of studentAndrés Eusebio is graduating from Safford K-8 Magnet School, his parents and little brother are excited to see him recognized. Andrés will be going to Cholla High School and playing football.

Andrés Eusebio estará graduando de Safford K-8 Magnet School, sus padres y hermana están muy contentos al verlo recibir su reconocimiento. Andrés asistirá a la preparatoria en Cholla High School donde quiere jugar futbol.

Andrés and Daniel have been classmates and best friends since first grade.

Andrés and Daniel han sido amigo y compañeros de clase desde el primer grado.

Photo of studentWax-Lucero and his twin sister Sienna were recognized at the Mexican American student Recognition ceremony. Unfortunately Sienna wasn’t able to attend but Mathew received the award for both of them. Mathew will be going to Palo Verde to be in the robotics program and Sienna is heading to Pueblo.

Mathew Wax-Lucero y su hermana gemela Sienna recibieron un reconocimiento en la ceremonia. Desafortunadamente Sienna  no pudo asistir pero Mathew recibió el premio por los dos.

Photo of studentFernando Peralta is being recognized as an 8th grader at Roskruge, he will be going to Pueblo to be part of Mariachi Aztlan.

Fernando Peralta esta en octavo grado en Roskruge, y después de su graduación planea air a Pueblo High y ser parte del Mariachi Aztlán.

Sienna Krantz will be graduating Dodge Middle School and she will be going to UHS where she plans to play soccer and get as many college credits as possible.

Sienna Krantz se gradúa este año de Dodge Middle School y asistirá a UHS donde planea jugar soccer y obtener créditos universitarios.

Her mom, Andrea Krantz is very proud of Sienna.

Andrea Krantz esta muy orgullosa de su hija Sienna.

Photo of student Photo of student

Photo of studentAriana LaBlanc Gómez is an 8th grader at Magee Middle school. Her parents are very proud to see her being recognized at the Mexican American Student recognition ceremony.

Ariana LaBlanc Gómez esta en octavo grado en  Magee Middle school. Sus padres están muy orgullosos de ella.

Photo of studentErnesto Campas, Brandon Barney and Omar Sotelo had been friends since the 4th Grade. They are all graduating together at Maxwell. They will continue their school journey together at Tucson High were they are planning on playing sports and take classes at the auto shop.

Ernesto Campas, Brandon Barney y Omar Sotelo han sido amigos desde el cuarto gado. Después de graduarse de Maxwell planean ir a Tucson High donde quieren jugar varios deportes y tomar clases de mecánica automotriz.

Photo of studentJuliana Mendez is graduating from Utterback and heading over to Pueblo. Her family is extremely proud of her accomplishments.

Juliana Méndez se gradúa de Utterback y pasara a Pueblo High. Su familia esta muy emocionada al verla recibir su reconocimiento.

Jessica Gallegos is graduating from Tucson High.

Jessica Gallegos se gradúa este año Tucson High.

This celebration was bitter sweet for her and her beautiful family since she will now be heading to college.

Esta celebración es muy especial para toda su familia porque ya partirá a la universidad.

Photo of student Photo of student

Photo of studentAnthony Sanchez is an 8th grader at Gridley Middle School. He wants to play sports at Sahuaro High School. His great-grandfather Bill Callighem was extremely proud to be with Anthony during his recognition.

Anthony Sánchez esta en octavo grado en Gridley Middle School. Quiere jugar deportes en Sahuaro High School. Su bisabuelo Bill Callighem esta muy orgulloso de acompañarlo a recibir su premio.

Photo of studentJustin Jaramillo, Raymond Jimenez and Gabriel Gastelum are students at Dodge. They have been friend all of Middle School and even of they are going to different High Schools they plan to keep their friendship strong.

Justin Jaramillo, Raymond Jiménez y Gabriel Gastelum son estudiantes de Dodge. Los tres han sido buenos amigos durante toda la secundaria y aunque estarán en diferentes escuelas quieren mantener fuerte su amistad.

Photo of studentJacob Vazquez and Jeremiah Peña are being recognized as some of the best Mexican American students at Alice Vail Middle School.

Jacob Vázquez and Jeremiah Peña son reconocidos como dos de los mejores estudiantes México Americanos de Alice Vail Middle School.

Photo of studentBeatriz Ohlmaier, Cristina Esparza, Nayasin Felix are being recognized for the dedication at Hollinger K-8.

A Beatriz Ohlmaier, Cristina Esparza, y Nayasin Felix se les premia por su dedicación y buenos estudios en Hollinger K-8.

Photo of studentKimberly Alvarado, Sophia Duran, Alexis Dicochea and Armando Molina are being recognized at the ceremony for their outstanding grades at Mansfeld Middle School.

Kimberly Alvarado, Sophia Duran, Alexis Dicochea y Armando Molina reciben reconocimiento por sus excelentes calificaciones en Mansfeld Middle School.

Photo of studentErnesto Tristán and Nicholas Rodriguez are 8th graders at Gridley Middle School, they both are going to Saguaro High School were they plan to play football.

Ernesto Tristán y Nicholas Rodríguez son estudiantes de octavo grado en Gridley Middle School, los dos pasan a Saguaro High School donde planean jugar futbol.

Katheleen Armenta received three recognitions during the Mexican American Students ceremony. Her mom Manuela is extremely proud of her daughter.

Katheleen Armenta tres reconocimientos durante la ceremonia de estudiantes México Americanos. Su mama Manuela esta muy orgullosa de su hija.

She will be graduating from Cholla and heading to Main to attend Boreen University.

Kathleen se gradúa de Cholla y asistirá al Boreen University en Main.

Photo of student Photo of student

Photo of studentJosue Maldonado is being recognized for his dedication at Pueblo High school. His mother Francisca Lopez is proud to see him go to Pima after graduation.

Josue Maldonado recibe su reconocimiento por su dedicación en Pueblo High School. Si mama Francisca Lopez esta muy orgullosa de verlo graduar.

Photo of studentDiego Muner Hernández will be graduating Morgan Maxwell K-8 and attending Rincon High where he plans to play guitar and take art classes. His parents Gaby and Diego are proud to see his son be recognized.

Diego Muner Hernández se esta graduando Morgan Maxwell K-8. Asistirá a Rincon High donde planea tocar guitar y tomar clases de arte. Sus padres Gaby y Diego están muy orgullosos de verlo recibir su premio.

Photo of student

Some of the students were recognized for keeping a 4.0 GPA during their entire 4 years of High School. Way to go!

Decenas de estudiantes fueron reconocidos por tener un promedio de 4.0 durante los 4 años de preparatoria.

Photo of student

Two students from every school were chosen for their academics, leadership and community service to receive the Cesar Chavez Award.

Dos estudiantes de cada escuela recibieron el reconocimiento Cesar Chávez por tener excelentes calificaciones, mostrar liderazgo y servir a la comunidad.

Photo of student

The Grand Ball Room at the Student Union at the University of Arizona was a full house for the Mexican American Student Recognitions.

Casa llena en El Grand Ball Room de la Universidad de Arizona durante la ceremonia de reconocimiento a estudiantes México Americanos del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tucson.

Photo of studentInterim Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo thanked the parents for trusting Tucson Unified for the education of their children.

El superintendente Dr. Gabriel Trujillo agradeció a los padres por confiar la educación de sus hijos al distrito escolar.

Adelita Grijalva, Board Member was a special guest speaker and gave great advice to the students heading to High School and College.

Adelita Grijalva miembro de la mesa directiva del distrito fue la presentadora de honor de la ceremonia. Grijalva dio excelentes consejos a los estudiantes.

Photo of student

Photo of student

Board Members where excited to present the recognitions to the students.

Los miembros de la mesa directiva estuvieron presentes para entregar los premios a los estudiantes.

Photo of student

Mariachi Aztlan from Pueblo High School entertained parents, students, and all attendees during the ceremony.

Mariachi Aztlán de Pueblo High School estuvo a cargo de entretener a los padres, estudiantes y todos los presentes en la ceremonia.

Photo of studentBallet Folklorico Los Tucsonenses delighted all the audience with their amazing dances.

EL Ballet Folclórico Los Tucsonenses también mostraron su talento con sus danzas.