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Magnet Programs

Magnet Programs | 1010 E. Tenth St., Tucson AZ 85719 | (520) 225-6717

Holladay Elementary

boy in tall hat and jacket singing into microphoneHolladay integrates visual and performing arts and athletics into a theme-based curriculum. All students have access to a piano keyboard lab, a full art studio, and an indoor gym. We offer a free afterschool program that continues our academic, art and athletic programs until 4:10 p.m. Holladay has a full computer lab, mobile computers and computers in every classroom. Creativity thrives at our school as every grade level puts on Broadway-style musicals every year. Our basketball and track teams are top-rated. Our students are involved in gardening, landscaping, water harvesting, and recycling.
Magnet Schools

We are committed to integration, diversity, and racial equity.