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Food Services

Food Services | Lindsay Aguilar, Site Operations Coordinator | 2150 E. 15th St., Tucson AZ, 85719 | (520) 225-4700

Together Every Kid Eats

TUSD School Courtesy Meal Program Portal

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Tucson Unified School District is committed to providing students with access to nutritious and appetizing meals that promote health, well-being and learning. Unfortunately, some families experience times where providing funds for meals becomes difficult or impossible. Tucson Unified is committed to ensuring that no child goes hungry in our district and that no child feels singled out or exposed in a time of need. With Together Every Kid Eats, our Food Services Department works in partnership with school administrators who operate School Courtesy Meal Programs to assist families who may need temporary help to cover a negative account balance. Together Every Kid Eats allows members of the community to partner with the schools by contributing funds to help when families need an extra hand.

How You Can Help

Tucson Unified has created a Together Every Kid Eats portal where members of the community can donate money to help feed children. These funds are used when students' meal accounts are empty and after the two-meal grace period provided by the District. After the grace period, Food Services will provide the student with seamless service and a reimbursable meal following USDA guidelines. The cashier will ring up the meal on the School Courtesy Meal Program house account. Food Services will work with families to bring the meal accounts to a positive balance without overt identification.


Community donations for the School Courtesy Meal Program will go directly to TUSD Food Services for distribution to school house accounts. 100 percent of the donations received will go toward negative meal accounts.

You can donate here, through our secure payment portal!

Important Notice: To be eligible to contribute to the School Courtesy Meal Program Portal, donations must not come from Tucson Unified School District vendors or potential vendors.

Thank you for your commitment to the Tucson Unified school community.

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