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TUSD Grab-And-Go Mobilized Meals - ┬íComidas Móviles Gratis de TUSD

Free Grab-and-Go Meals for Kids

Free meals to all children 18 and under!

Starting March 23, 2020, we are offering free Grab-and-Go Mobilized Meals across TUSD via 12 bus routes making stops at 113 locations between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Each bus route will include stops at school bus bays and existing bus stops where free Grab-and-Go meals will be provided. Each bus route will stop at the designated school bus bay or bus stop for 10 minutes to provide the Grab-and-Go meals. One breakfast and one lunch will be provided to each child present. These meals are free to all children 18 and under. There are no eligibility requirements--all children 18 and under can receive these free meals. Please note that per Federal Meal Program requirements, children must be present to receive meals. Meals cannot be provided for additional children that are not present. Check our Grab-and-Go webpage to find the closest Grab-and-Go Mobilized Meal stop near you!

Schedules have been posted! Check

*Stop times may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.

¡Comidas Móviles Gratis de TUSD

Grab-and-Go para todos los niños menores de 18 años!

Comenzando el día 23 de marzo, 2020 estaremos ofreciendo comidas gratis. Las comidas móviles "Grab-and-Go" se distribuirán a través del distrito escolar por medio de 12 rutas de autobús con 113 paradas entre las 10am-1pm de Lunes a Viernes. Cada ruta incluirá paradas en las paradas de autobús en escuelas y paradas de autobús regulares donde las comidas gratis "Grab-and-Go" se entregaran. Cada autobús permanecerá en cada parada indicada por 10 minutos y se entregara un desayuno y una comida a cada estudiante que esté presente. Estas comidas son gratis para todos los menores de 18 años – no hay requisitos para ser elegibles, simplemente todo menor de 18 años lo recibirá. Por favor note, que debido a los requisitos del programa de comidas federal, los niños deben estar presentes para recibir las comidas. No se pueden entregar comidas adicionales para niños que no estén presentes. Haga Clic aquí para encontrar la parada de autobús de "Grab-and-Go" más cercana a usted.

*Los tiempos de parada pueden variar dependiendo el tráfico y el clima.

Free School Meals at 34 of Our Schools in 2019-2020

Free School Meals Free Supper Free Summer Meals

Free School Meals at Participating Schools!

This year, school meals at many of our schools are free, for every student. At these schools, there's no need to complete the Free & Reduced meal application. Free breakfast and lunch are provided to every student at every participating schools.

Many of our schools also offer free supper, and every summer, we sponsor the Free Summer Meal program at schools and community centers.

To learn more and to find the list of 34 participating schools, see the Free School Meals page.

Our Services

Cafeterias at each of our schools provide hot and nutritious breakfasts and lunches to our students.

Some students enjoy our meals so much that they ask their parents or guardians to request the recipes so that they can serve these meals during vacation and school breaks.

One student writes, "The food is great! They let you have different choices in the cafeteria, but we call it our restaurant."

Students in elementary school can choose between two entrees at lunch. Middle and high school students select from a range of menu stations.

We know that children need a healthy breakfast and lunch in order to have energy for learning. Food services staff takes pride and joy in ensureing that all children receive a nutritious and tasty meal at school. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, 34 of our schools will be participating in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) which provides free meals to all students at that school.

TUSD Meal Charge Policy

Due to the large amount of unpaid meal account balances, the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board voted on February 11, 2020, to approve changes to the district meal charge policy effective Monday, March 2, 2020.

The unlimited meal charge has been changed as follows when funds are not available at meal time:

  • For Grades K-8 - a limit of 2 meals (all menu options) will be charged to the meal account, after that the student will receive an alternate meal charged to the meal account.
    2019-2020 meal prices:
    • K-8 reduced price breakfast $0.25, reduced price lunch $0.40
    • K-5 breakfast $1.25, lunch $2.30
    • 6-8 breakfast $1.50, lunch $2.80

    Alternate Meal at Breakfast: bagel, fruit and milk  
    Alternate Meal at Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk

  • For High School– if funds are not available at meal time, an alternate option will be offered and charged to the meal account.
    Alternate option for both Breakfast and Lunch: cheese stick and fruit ($0.50)

We will continue to notify families of unpaid balances through email, phone calls and letters.

If you believe that your family is eligible for free or reduced meals please complete the online meal benefit application at: Or call the Food Services Department at 520-225-4700 to complete the application over the phone.

How You Can Help

Tucson Unified has created a Together Every Kid Eats portal where members of the community can donate money to help feed children. These funds are used to provide students with seamless service and a reimbursable meal following USDA guidelines when students' meal accounts are empty. Food Services will work with families to bring the meal accounts to a positive balance without overt identification. For more information, see the Together Every Kid Eats webpage.

Our Catering and Artisan Bakery Services

Artisan Bakery

Bring the fun back to food with house-made baked goods developed by our very own chef, Shyla Larson! This line falls under our catering department and is compliant with the Smart Snacks in schools federal nutrition standards. Using creative ingredients, such as applesauce instead of oils, is what makes our fun snacks healthy. These items are great for fundraisers, celebrations in the classroom, and meetings. See the Artisan Bake Shop flier (in PDF) for our delicious offerings and pricing.

Catering Services

In addition to the Artisan Bakery, our catering services also include Snack Shop, Pizza Parlor, and Cook Outs. See the Catering Brochure (in PDF) for complete listings and pricings.

Who can purchase?

Teachers - do you want a fun & healthy way to offer an alternative treat for a classroom celebration? Parent-Teacher Associations/Organizations - need baked goods for fundraising afterschool? Principals - need a way to elevate staff meetings? Group Coordinators - want a fun and healthy snack to provide your band, chess or student council groups? Try one of our delicious Artisan Bake Shop creations for your next event. Anyone can purchase these delicious baked goods for district-coordinated events!

Farm-to-School Delivers Fresh Local Produce to TUSD Students

Photo of LettuceStudents in TUSD schools enjoy fresh produce direct from the farm. Local Romaine lettuce is one example of TUSD's farm to school efforts to bring local produce to our students. TUSD Food Services purchases local produce through the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in partnership with southern Arizona farmers to deliver more local produce to the Tucson community. Food Services has been purchasing 600 lbs of local lettuce per week to distribute weekly to several schools. The delivery schedule rotates so that all schools have the opportunity to include local lettuce on their lunch menu.

Photo of Meal served with LettuceThe photo at left features Romaine lettuce served at Palo Verde High School. The salads served at lunch were made with local lettuce grown in the center of Tucson by Merchant's Garden (a local greenhouse located at TUSD's former Howenstine High School, off of Tucson Blvd between Broadway and 22nd Street).

Fresh, local produce is one of the most effective ways to deliver nutritious (and delicious) meals to our students. Romaine lettuce is one of the tallest and sturdiest of lettuce varieties. It is high in fiber, potassium, vitamins A, manganese, and folate. It's also high in antioxidants, known to be one of most nutritious of lettuce varieties. We're happy to know that our students can enjoy their salads!

Photo of Lettuce


Photo of student eating lunch


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