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Benefits - Saving for Retirement

This page provides information about the various retirement savings plans available to TUSD employees. If you are nearing retirement, please see the Retirement Information page for helpful handouts, and other information about the retirement procedure.
  • 403(b) & 457 Retirement Savings Plans
    Several 403(b) and 457 retirement plans are available through TUSD. These plans allow employees to save pre-tax money for retirement through a payroll deduction. You can decide if you want to invest aggressively or conservatively with the help of your broker. Many of the 403(b) and 457 vendors offer valuable investment information on their websites.

    For detailed information from TSA Consulting Group, please visit their website at

    For information about transfers and distributions, see 403(b) & 457 Transaction Processing.


  • 457 Retirement Savings Plans
    The benefits of a 457 Retirement Savings Plan include:


    • A wider choice of funds to invest pre-tax money.
    • Participants have the ability to withdraw money after separating from their employment without a 10% early withdrawal penalty for distributions prior to the age of 59 ½.
  • Arizona State Retirement System
    The District is a plan member of the Arizona State Retirement System. All eligible employees are automatically enrolled and cannot waive contributions. The District and eligible employees both contribute an equal percentage of the employee's salary on a pre-tax basis to the retirement fund. Both the District and the employee contribute .50% on an after-tax basis of the employee's salary toward the ASRS Long Term Disability program.

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