Jorgiana Jake, Palo Verde High Magnet, School Film/TV 9th – 12th grade

Photo of Jorgiana Jake

This is my second career. For “Career #1” I was a television and film producer. I studied media in college and fell in love with the field – watching it, making it, teaching it. I went on to obtain a graduate degree in media, then moved to Los Angeles to work in entertainment production for a decade plus. During my time there, I worked on dozens of non-fiction television programs for ABC, CBS, Fox, Spike, G4 and more. I still work in entertainment, mostly on my own documentary projects. Because of my years in the entertainment field, I became aware of the control mass media has in our society and, as a result, I spend time in my classes stressing and teaching the importance of media literacy.  After our most current presidential election, I realized that media literacy is nearly absent from school curriculum. I wanted to make young people aware of the purpose of media, how to decode it and how to understand what they’re being told/sold. I require my students to create their own media and distribute it through today’s most prevalent mass medium, the World Wide Web.  My students quickly realize they themselves are mass media producers and are able to forward independent ideas while circumventing the authority of traditional media gatekeepers, an important goal in our current media landscape.”

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